Cake CuttingWhenever and wherever ACSians meet, it is not unusual for them to greet each other with “The Best Is Yet To Be” or to belt out spontaneously into the ACS Anthem, the two treasured takeaways from their beloved Alma Mater.

Another cherished recollection dear to their hearts of those who have passed through the portals of ACS is March 1, the auspicious day Bishop William F. Oldham founded the school in 1886.

Here’s a roundup of how ACS Founder’s Day was celebrated around the world this year.

Founder's Day Celebrations of Sorts!

Class of 78 - Golfing on Founder's DayWhen it comes to celebrating the birthday of their beloved alma mater, trust ACSians to come up with excuses and novel ways to commemorate the occasion.

This year, the Classes of 85 and 78 cohorts took to the greens for rounds of golf. Thusita De Silva (Class of 78) confessed that Founder’s Day is always dear to his heart as it is reminder of the lasting friendships and bonds forged in ACS. He said, “After almost 40 years, we still keep our friendships fresh and exciting by playing sports like golf and football together. What we have is rare and we will continue to nourish it and always remain as brothers in the extended ACS family”.

Class of 85 - Golfing on Founder's DayThe Class of 82’s monthly gathering at Pitstop Tyres on the eve of ACS Founder’ Day held special meaning and was even attended by their former Vice-Head Prefect, Daniel Teo, who flew in from San Francisco, California, for the special occasion. For the Class of 81, a group of old boys and their families gathered at the home of Alan Fu to celebrate Founder’s Day and over three decades of friendship. “Two generations of ACSians were present for a great time of feasting and fellowship. We ended the nostalgic evening with a robust rendition of the ACS anthem with our sons and wives too”, Alan said.

However, the most novel celebration was perhaps by a group from the Class of 84 who took to the battle field at the Red Dynasty Paintball Park, Turf City. According to Jeremy Thow, “The group of us meet every Saturday at 6.30am for Class of 85 - Golfing on Founder's Daya jog around Bishan Park to keep fit and to catch up over breakfast. When we decided to do something different and exciting for Founder’s Day this year, we headed to Paintball Park on March 16 to sweat it out. It was a bit physical at times, but we were glad that our regular jogs had come in handy in preparing us for the game.”

After the hard-fought games, the group celebrated Founder’s Day over lunch at Ah Yat Restaurant, complete with birthday cake.

As everyone had such an enjoyable time, we hope to make this an annual event”, Jeremy added.

Class of 84 at PaintBox Park
Class of 84 at Paintball Park
Founder's Day - Class 84 Lunch at Ah Yats
Class of 84 at Ah Yat's
Founder's Day - Alan Fu
Class of 81 at Alan Fu's home
Founder's Day - Class 84 Lunch at Ah Yats
Celebrating Founder's Day at Ah Yat's
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