Cake CuttingWhenever and wherever ACSians meet, it is not unusual for them to greet each other with “The Best Is Yet To Be” or to belt out spontaneously into the ACS Anthem, the two treasured takeaways from their beloved Alma Mater.

Another cherished recollection dear to their hearts of those who have passed through the portals of ACS is March 1, the auspicious day Bishop William F. Oldham founded the school in 1886.

Here’s a roundup of how ACS Founder’s Day was celebrated around the world this year.

Auckland, New Zealand

Founder's Day in Auckland45 years after being put together into the same class, six members from the ACS 4F Class of 75 decided to celebrate their 60th birthdays by visiting classmates who have migrated to New Zealand. To make the trip even more special, they planned the trip to coincide with Founder’s Day, so that they get a chance to celebrate the special day with their old friends.

According to Tan Soo Hock, “Our hosts were Colin and his wife Cheryl and Peter and his wife Serene. Colin brought us to a nice Chinese restaurant when we landed on February 28 to let us have a chance to acclimatise ourselves. After a Founder's Day in Aucklandgolf game on March 1, we headed over to Peter and Serene’s place for our Founder’s Day dinner and were floored by the trouble they went through to recreate our 4F days in ACS. Besides the wonderful spread of food and a yummy birthday cake to celebrate our birthdays, they even had on display our photos which were taken when we were 16!

Thank you, Colin, Cheryl, Peter and Serene for hosting us. It was wonderful to celebrate Founder’s Day and our 60th year together.”

Tan Soo Hock (ACS Class of 75)

Founder's Day in Auckland Founder's Day in Auckland Founder's Day in Auckland
Founder's Day in Auckland  Founder's Day in Auckland 
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