Cake CuttingWhenever and wherever ACSians meet, it is not unusual for them to greet each other with “The Best Is Yet To Be” or to belt out spontaneously into the ACS Anthem, the two treasured takeaways from their beloved Alma Mater.

Another cherished recollection dear to their hearts of those who have passed through the portals of ACS is March 1, the auspicious day Bishop William F. Oldham founded the school in 1886.

Here’s a roundup of how ACS Founder’s Day was celebrated around the world this year.

Brisbane, Queensland,  Australia

Founder's Day in BrisbaneEvery year, a group of ACSians in Brisbane would gather to celebrate Founder’s Day to share good food and company, enjoy a lusty rendition of the school anthem and give thanks to God for our ACS. This year, the occasion was celebrated at a favourite haunt for many food loving Singaporeans and Malaysians alike in the western suburb of Jindalee.

Apart from the fine food and company, the highlight of the evening was the singing of the ACS Anthem. While the more motivated amongst us began to practise and tune their vocal chords during dinner, the most venerable “Old Boy”, CK Chen Founder's Day in Brisbaneapproached neighbouring diners to give them a heads-up and cajoled them into being a part of the chorus. We are not sure if it was his silver haired charm or his steely eyes that did it, but we ended up with a choir of nearly 40 singers that evening. I was surprised that other cultures were genuinely interested in what ACS was all about.

We were happy that our spouses participated in our celebration. That we could share this significant part of ourselves with them and they in turn took it in their stride to embrace the ACS-ness in us. A certain boldness and confidence with a Founder's Day in Brisbanetouch of eloquence and caustic humour in a daring-do package. One that challenges established boundaries.

There were no pomp nor gallantry of black ties, speeches or silverware but an honest to goodness simple fellowship of old boys and girls who love their alma mater and are grateful for how it shaped them and prepared them to impact the world around them through their attitude, their service and their commitment to life. Traits that have become as representative of the ACS spirit as the badge itself. In that regard, we are forever thankful for the dedication of our long-suffering teachers who imparted the right values in us, difficult as it must have been for them.

We aim to do better next year but for now, we will continue flying the ACS flag wherever we may be and actively seek out our fellow ACSians regardless of age, colour and creed that we may unite ourselves to “stand together for the cause of ACS forever”.

Andrew Foo (ACS Class of 73)

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