ACS135 LogoThe Covid-19 pandemic may have caused severe disruption to the lives and livelihoods of people around the globe, but it did not prevent ACSians abroad to find ways and means to celebrate the 135th ACS Founder’s Day without flouting safety management measures. Besides the celebrations in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland as reported below, there were also other smaller groups of ACSians abroad, and in Singapore as well, gathering to celebrate their beloved alma mater’s birthday.


Brisbane Founder's DayACSians in Brisbane, Australia celebrated Founder’s Day at the China Sea Milton on March 6. Without pomp and pageantry, the occasion was also a celebration of renewed freedom as the result of “NIL” Covid cases in our communities. It is interesting to note that our fellow ACSians in Victoria were also celebrating at the same time in Melbourne after surfacing from a 5-day lockdown. How timely can it be? And how blessed we are!

This year’s turnout was smaller than last year’s, but it did not deter us from having a ball of a time chatting about our teachers, the mischiefs we got up to in school and out of school, and our near brushes with Ernest Lau and Lim Choon Mong amongst others. I am not sure if our spouses and partners shared our enthusiasm (confessions), but it certainly revealed, I suppose, a more savoury Brisbane Founder's Dayside of us that they must have wished they knew before saying “Yes” to us. Too late now!

As the evening progressed and the dining room cleared to just a group of young Aussies besides us, we lustily sang our beloved Anthem with support from our Aussie proselytes. I hope they benefitted from Dr CK Chen’s subsequent exposition on the ACS history and its life changing stories. All good things had to come to an end for them, when Eric Tham, possibly noticing the indigestive pain on their faces, went over to retrieve Dr Chen from our newfound converts.

It was the best Founder’s Day gathering I have attended. For a few hours, we were once again the free spirits that once roamed the corridors of our great school. Mid 70’s or mid 40’s, grandparents or not, I could see us in our beloved navy blues and whites shooting paper pellets or other projectiles at each other, while Yong Lip targets the girls from Raffles, CHIJ and MGS.

We cannot wait to get together again. Another year is much too long. Perhaps next month for a good Chicken Rice and more mischief!

The Best Is Yet To Be. To God be the Glory.

Andrew Foo

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