ACS135 LogoThe Covid-19 pandemic may have caused severe disruption to the lives and livelihoods of people around the globe, but it did not prevent ACSians abroad to find ways and means to celebrate the 135th ACS Founder’s Day without flouting safety management measures. Besides the celebrations in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland as reported below, there were also other smaller groups of ACSians abroad, and in Singapore as well, gathering to celebrate their beloved alma mater’s birthday.



Brisbane Founder's DayBirthed forth during the lockdown periods of COVID-19 and the yearning for more social interaction, a group was started on Facebook recently in hopes of gathering ACSians on the Down Under “western shores”, in friendly competition with the eastern states. Consequently, ACS Founder’s Day was celebrated in Perth, Western Australia for the first time.

On March 1, 16 like-minded ACSians who share similar character traits and humour assembled at the office of Wesley Sim (ACSS 1979 & ACJC 1981) in the Perth City centre for an evening of fellowship over a simple pizza meal. A flag hung on the office wall; the only decoration needed to say it all. There was no initial shyness to get over Brisbane Founder's Dayand even though the age gap between the oldest and youngest ACSian graduates spanned over 40 years, we all greeted each other as though we had known each other for a long time

Together, we watched the ACS135 Thanksgiving Service livestream on the screen and then moved on to a round of seated introductions. Old stories and tales of the school years were shared and eventually when it was time, everyone stood and sang the ACS anthem proud and loud. For some of us, it was the first time in decades we were singing this unforgotten anthem. The atmosphere was indeed saturated with nostalgic pride. The gathering is the first of many to come, and a tradition that will no doubt continue by the members who will stand together for the cause, of ACS forever.

Brandon Lye

ACJS 1999 & ACS (I) 2003

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Brisbane, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Perth, Australia
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