May-June 2012 Cover
 May - June 2012  HIGHLIGHTS
ACS Foundation's Inaugural Dinner
Celebrating another milestone
in ACS history! [more]

ACS Crest
Olivier Lim explains what the ACS Foundation is all about. [more]
Founder's Day Celebrations
Celebrating 126 Years
of Blessings! [more]
Cheo Chai Hong
Cheo Chai Hong takes over the helm at ACS OBA [more]
ACS Crest
Who's Who on the ACS OBA Management Committee [more]
A Reunion of Sorts
Another fabulous ACS-MGS Social Mixer! [more]
A Reunion of Sorts 
A Reunion of Sorts at the Class of 59's monthly lunch [more]
Class of 68/70's Birthday Bash
A great "Birthday Bash" for sexagenarians! [more]
A Band of Ruggers
Oldham Club - growing from strength to strength! [more]
ACS Crest
Mr Cheo Chai Hong has been appointed Vice-Chairman of the ACS Board of Governors with efffect from May 2012!