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Crubox Birthday CakeThe Covid-19 virus outbreak has taken a heavy toll on businesses and economies around the world. In the schools, many activities were curtailed to minimise the risk of potential exposure and for the first time, this year’s ACSOBA Past vs Present Games and Founder’s Day Dinner were cancelled.

However, these setbacks did not deter ACSians from gathering in smaller groups to remember the founding of our beloved alma mater. It was heart-warming to see photographs and video clips on social media of ACSians all over the world remembering and giving thanks to our pioneers, past and present teachers and principals, benefactors and stakeholders of the school, and especially God for His grace, love and abundant blessings.

This year, Founder’s Day celebrations overseas included London, Auckland, Melbourne, Brisbane, Jakarta and for the first time, Sydney, Adelaide, Cambridge and Toronto. Celebrations may have taken place in other cities that we do not know about but what we are certain is that the 1st of March is always remembered by many who have passed through the portals of ACS.

Click below for a summary of how the celebrations went all over the world. Indeed, the show of solidarity speaks volumes for the ACS spirit.

~ Singapore ~ Around the Schools ~ Cambridge, UK ~ London, UK ~ Toronto, Canada
~ Adelaide, Australia ~ Brisbane, Australia ~ Melbourne, Australia ~ Sydney, Australia ~ Auckland, New Zealand
~ Jakarta, Indonesia ~ FD Go-Karting ~ FD Golf Challenge ~ FD Group Boxing ~ FD Family Affair


Without the pomp and ceremony of Founder’s Day parades which were called off because of the Covid-19 virus outbreak, celebrations in the schools went on in other ways.

Students at ACS (Independent) lined the corridors outside their classrooms to sing the school anthem to commemorate Founder’s Day, while the House Captains waved the school and house flags below. The display of joy and pride was simply awesome. Other activities for the day ranged from face painting and commemorative class photos to the Student Council’s ACS Instagram filter which featured paint stripes in the school’s colours on one’s face when the filter was in use.


At ACJC, Founder’s Day messages were presented to the students at decentralised assembly venues and the lives and accomplishments of ACS pioneers were showcased in a Heritage Week exhibition in the school lobby. In appreciation of the unsung heroes for their untiring work behind the scenes, the college cleaners were presented with gift packs and treated to an appreciation tea.


ACS (International) had different messages read over the PA system from March 26 to 28 – the Bishop’s message by Pastor Joel Yong; the ACS OBA President’s message by Mr Kinch; and the Principal’s message and announcement of the ACSOBA and Han Pok Fong award winners. Students and staff came to school with the ACS colours – red, blue or yellow, while the Parents Support Partners (PSP) lifted everyone’s spirits by giving every student an individually packaged cupcake to commemorate Founder’s Day.


Although scaled down without the traditional parade, the mood at ACS (Barker Road) was nevertheless celebratory. Students from the 2019 levels were recognised for their achievements and successes at decentralised locations. Form teachers presented the prizes to deserving students in their respective classes while recipients of special awards received theirs personally from Mr Loo. Video messages were also shared in class with the students who were all urged to play their part by contributing to the ACS legacy they have inherited. 


ACS (Junior) celebrated Founder’s Day in a meaningful and distinct way from past years by getting the students involved in understanding ACS schools’ heritage through an engaging video and messages from the Bishop, ACSOBA President and Principal. Besides purposeful activities like the creation of a Gratitude Tree, envisioning an ACS of the future and reflections on God’s blessings, the boys were treated with ice cream during recesses. Each student also received a souvenir with our theme for the year, One Heart, One Mind, One Voice.


From the birthday thoughts for ACS penned by the ACS (Primary) boys, one cannot help but feel, between them, the deepening sense of gratitude and awe for their beloved school. The boys spent mornings during celebration week learning about ACS history and pondering over the lives of Old Boys and benefactors who gave sacrificially in service to ACS. Like them, ACS too is where our hearts belong.


And over at ACS Jakarta, the Principal’s spirited devotion and the energetic performance by the ACS Jakarta Dance Crew were the highlights at the Thanksgiving Service. This was followed by the school’s annual Swimming and Athletics Meets for the primary and secondary students respectively.

Founder's Day - Independent
Awesome display of pride and joy at ACS (Independent)
Founder's Day - ACJC
Recognising the unsung heroes at ACJC
Founder's Day - ACS (International)
ACS (International) students with cupcakes from the PSP
Founder's Day - ACS (Barker Road)
Awards to deserving students at ACS (Barker Road) 
Founder's Day - ACS (Junior)
Ice cream treat for ACS (Junior) boys
Founder's Day - ACS (Primary) Founder's Day - ACS (Primary)
"ACS Forever More" from ACS (Primary) boys Athletics Meet for secondary students at ACS Jakarta
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