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Crubox Birthday CakeThe Covid-19 virus outbreak has taken a heavy toll on businesses and economies around the world. In the schools, many activities were curtailed to minimise the risk of potential exposure and for the first time, this year’s ACSOBA Past vs Present Games and Founder’s Day Dinner were cancelled.

However, these setbacks did not deter ACSians from gathering in smaller groups to remember the founding of our beloved alma mater. It was heart-warming to see photographs and video clips on social media of ACSians all over the world remembering and giving thanks to our pioneers, past and present teachers and principals, benefactors and stakeholders of the school, and especially God for His grace, love and abundant blessings.

This year, Founder’s Day celebrations overseas included London, Auckland, Melbourne, Brisbane, Jakarta and for the first time, Sydney, Adelaide, Cambridge and Toronto. Celebrations may have taken place in other cities that we do not know about but what we are certain is that the 1st of March is always remembered by many who have passed through the portals of ACS.

Click below for a summary of how the celebrations went all over the world. Indeed, the show of solidarity speaks volumes for the ACS spirit.

~ Singapore ~ Around the Schools ~ Cambridge, UK ~ London, UK ~ Toronto, Canada
~ Adelaide, Australia ~ Brisbane, Australia ~ Melbourne, Australia ~ Sydney, Australia ~ Auckland, New Zealand
~ Jakarta, Indonesia ~ FD Go-Karting ~ FD Golf Challenge ~ FD Group Boxing ~ FD  Family Affair


Since the gathering of old boys from the Class of 81 and their families to celebrate Founder’s Day at the home of Mr Alan Fu last year, the friendship between them has grown closer. Last November, they even went on a trip to Malacca where the women shopped, the men drank, and everyone feasted as an extended family of ACSians.

When the ACS Founder’s Day Dinner was cancelled because of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, the group decided to plan their own dinner.

According to Alan, “As ‘our hearts, our hopes, our aims are one’ and ‘no discord e’er will sever’, no discord, not even COVID-19, can prevent us from celebrating our alma mater’s birthday”!

“It was indeed an enjoyable ACS Family++ affair with our sons and daughters. The male ACSians turned up in ACS attire and the ladies in sarong kebaya. Among the ladies were an ACJC student and an ACS (Independent) teacher. The ACS blood truly runs deep in this cohort!”, Alan added.

Founder's Day - A Family Affair Founder's Day - A Family Affair
Founder's Day - A Family Affair Founder's Day - A Family Affair
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