ACSians Reunited in Melbourne

Founder's Day in Melbourne

This is the 11th year when ACSians in Melbourne gather to celebrate ACS Founder’s Day since Dr Suresh John (Class of 1978) initiated the first re-union of ACSians in 2006 to commemorate the founding of our alma mater. After a short break of a few years, Suresh is back as the organiser of the event, which he had left to Sathisvaran Kanavathy (ACJC Class of 2008), assisted by Quek Joo Meng (Class of 1976) to continue during his hiatus. Thanks to the team of three for getting us together again this year!

The dinner held on 25 February at the Silky Apple Chinese Restaurant at Armadale, Victoria, was well attended by many loyal alumni members who have been supporting the re-union dinner in Melbourne year after year. Among them were Tan See Keng (Class of 1989), Elgin Leow (Class of 2006), Balraj Dhaliwal (Class of 1978) and Pritam Randhawa (Class of 1962). We were also delighted to welcome new faces to our annual event that evening: Dr Wong Chee Sheng (Class of 1982) and his family who made the trip all the way from Alarat (204 km from Melbourne city) and Kenneth Chan (Class of 1997) who recently came in from Singapore to settle down in Melbourne. It was also great to see Merryl Lukies who was last at our re-union dinner in 2009. Merryl, a Melburnian, was a Rotary Exchange student who attended the Pre-University class in ACS in 1974.

As expressed in the chorus of the song, ‘Reunited’: “Reunited and it feels so good…”, it felt really good to be re-united with ACSians of different generations! Suresh read the Founder’s Day message from Lim Tat, President of the ACS OBA. Grace was led by See Keng, followed by a sumptuous 8-course Chinese dinner.

With such an exciting gathering of ACSians, there was much to catch up on. Before we knew it, it was time to sing the school anthem and gather for the group photo before we said our farewells till we meet again next year.

To God be the Glory, The Best is yet to Be.

Mrs Lee Gek Kim

ACSians Reunited in Melbourne
Dr Suresh John
ACSians Reunited in Melbourne
The Young Ones
ACSians Reunited in Melbourne
The coming together of two former ACS Pre-U girls
ACSians Reunited in Melbourne  ACSians Reunited in Melbourne 
Happy to have family members of ACSians at our dinner! 
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ACSians Reunited
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