Founder's Day Joy & Celebration in Jakarta

Founder's Day in Jakarta

There was much joy and celebration at the 131st ACS Founder’s Day dinner for the ACS alumni in Jakarta. Held at the Westin Jakarta on 01 March, this year’s celebration was well attended by about 100 Old Boys and Old Girls, teachers and friends.

The evening kicked off with short addresses by Mr Steven Haruissa (ACS (Independent) 2004), Chairman of the Founder’s Day Dinner Committee, Mr Mucki Tan (ACSS 1974), Chairman of the ACS Jakarta Board of Management and Mr Ng Eng Chin (ACSS 1975, ACJC 1977), Executive Principal of ACS Jakarta. As always, the School Anthem was sung with gusto before enjoying our fellowship with friends and familiar faces.

What was evident this year was the presence of a significant number of young alumni from the first few batches of ACS Jakarta who have just returned home after completing their studies abroad. For those starting off in their careers, the occasion was an excellent opportunity for them to network with the more senior ACSians who, in the inimitable ACS Spirit, were most generous with advice, ideas and contacts.

We hope the fledging ACS Jakarta alumni will continue to grow and keep the ACS flag flying high in our hearts always. The Best is Yet to Be! 

Founder's Day in Jakarta
Mr Steven Haruissa, Chairman of the
Founder's Dinner Organising Committee
Founder's Day in Jakarta
Founder's Day in Jakarta
Founder's Day in Jakarta Founder's Day in Jakarta 
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Founder's Day Joy &
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