May - Jun 2008



Leadership Changes in ACS

Up close and personal with Mr. Tan Wah Thong

ONE ACS Celebrates 122nd Founder's Day!

   ◊ A Standing ovation for Mr. Chiam See Tong

   ◊ ACSians Overseas celebrate Founder's Day

   ◊ A day of reflection at ACJC    

   ◊ Double celebrations at ACS (Independent)

   ◊ Double joy at ACS (Barker Road)    

   ◊ A musical treat at ACS (Primary)

   ◊ Happy Birthday, ACS!    

   ◊ Going "International" at ACS (International)

   ◊ Sharing the ACS Spirit at STB-ACS (International) Jakarta

   ◊ Cheers, screams and excitement at ACS Oldham Hall!

Benson Puah takes over the ACS OBA helm

40 years on ... and what a fabulous reunion!

2008 ACS Class 56 Golf Challenge