Retired Teachers' Day Event 2020

It is a tradition for the ACSOBA to organise a Retired Teachers’ Tribute Dinner every year in September to thank our retired teachers who had served ACS during the prime of their lives. It is a time when retired teachers from all ACS schools gather at ACS (Barker Road) to meet their former colleagues and Old Boys for an evening of chatter and nostalgia. It is an annual event that many of them await eagerly. However, fate has dealt a cruel blow in the form of the Covid-19 epidemic this year, and we were forced to abandon the dinner celebrations in accordance with safe distancing rules.

The Covid-19 epidemic has disrupted our lives in an unprecedented manner, not least dampening the economy, leading to widespread job losses and business closures. Fundraising initiatives at our ACS schools, which were initiated well before this epidemic, have been correspondingly affected. The ACSOBA was cognisant of this need when planning for this year’s retired teachers’ gift, and therefore decided to purchase reusable ACS masks that were produced by ACS (Junior) as part of the school’s fund-raising efforts for the PERI upgrading project (2019-2021). The ACS masks were packaged in the gift pack together with the latest issue of our ACS Echo magazine.

To make the gift more memorable for our retired teachers, we reached out to Old Boys to help deliver this gift pack. With the assistance of Mr Loo Ming Yaw, Principal of ACS (Barker Road), we managed to rally 41 volunteers. On August 30, they descended upon the ACSOBA office at the Barker Road campus. Some Old Boys brought their children who are current ACS students while other Old Boys brought with their fathers and uncles who also attended ACS. We had mobilised a multigenerational ACSian task force.

Following this event, the ACSOBA has received many happy messages from Old Boys and retired teachers. One of our volunteers, John, had the unique opportunity of catching up with Ms Kuan Soot Heng again. A year ago, together with his ACS Class of 1990, he had helped chauffeur retired teachers to the Retired Teachers’ Tribute Dinner and coincidentally, Ms Kuan was his passenger then. Other Old Boys reconnected with their former teachers who they had not met for many years while others gave accounts of their meeting with ‘Legends of ACS’. Mr Lim Keng Boon, former Principal of ACPS (now known as ACSP) wrote that ‘it is heartening to know that our past students have us always in mind in true ACS SPIRIT’.

We hope that this event has provided the impetus for many Old Boys to re-establish ties with their former teachers, and that future meetings will extend beyond the confines of Teachers’ Day celebrations.

Wong Heng Yu

Retired Teachers’ Tribute Dinner subcommittee

Retired Teachers' Day Event
Retired Teachers' Day Event
Retired Teachers' Day Event Retired Teachers' Day Event Retired Teachers' Day Event
Retired Teachers' Day Event  Retired Teachers' Day Event  Retired Teachers' Day Event 
Retired Teachers' Day Event Retired Teachers' Day Event  ACS Crest
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