The Rev. Peter S.T. Lim


Rev Peter LimFormer ACS teacher and chaplain, Rev Peter S.T. Lim, passed away peacefully on 10 September 2020 in Edmonton, Canada. He was 97.

Rev Lim joined ACS in 1950 and is well remembered by many students during the 1950s for his eloquence and distinctive, crisp and resonating voice, and his role as the Founding Chaplain of the 12th Boys’ Brigade Company. He was also the Founding Pastor of Fairfield Methodist Church and Barker Road Methodist Church in 1946 and 1956 respectively.

From 1961 to 1965, Rev Lim served as Principal of ACS and pastor of Wesley Church in Seremban, Malaysia where he founded the 1st Seremban Boys’ Brigade Company and served as a President of The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia.

In 1965, he returned to Singapore to join the University of Singapore and made his mark as one of the University’s founding champions of alumni relations before retiring in 1996.

Rev Lim was an inspiration and mentor to many students in ACS. Mr Lee Liat Cheng (ACS Class of 1960, former ACSOBA President (1987-88) and Honorary Vice-President of The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore) vividly remembers the day Rev Lim walked into his classroom and appointed him as class monitor. It was an indelible moment that had inspired and spurred him on to live up to the trust Rev Lim had placed on him.

 Thereafter, we became close friends through The Boys’ Brigade and the church and kept in touch even after he had left ACS. He has touched many lives in schools, churches and The Boys’ Brigade and I am privileged to know him. Truly, he is indeed a Man of God”, Mr Lee Liat Cheng

Rev Lim was one of the driving forces of The Boys’ Brigade and mentor to many members under his charge. Dr John Khoo Buan Hin (former Vice President of The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore) recalls:

Since 1950 when I started as a recruit in The Boys’ Brigade, Rev Lim has been an inspiration for me. I had looked up to him as someone that I would try to emulate later in life, always admiring him for his physical stature, his encouraging others in character building and the example he gave in his speech and pronunciation, with the correct diction, articulation and stresses.– Dr John Khoo Buan Hin

Emeritus Professor Lee Soo Ann, NUS, President of the Bible Society of Singapore, and former Brigade President of The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore regards Rev Lim as a multi-talented person who served Singapore and Malaysia in many capacities.

"He was always cheerful and had a good speaking voice to carry encouraging words. He came across to me as a good BB officer, always “Sure and Stedfast– Professor Lee Soo Ann

Rev Lim’s talents were not confined to just his contributions to education, The Boys’ Brigade, and the church community. He was a man for all seasons who also aspired to serve the country when he stood in the 1955 Singapore Legislative Assembly General Elections in the Tanjong Pagar constituency as a Progressive Party candidate. According to Mr Tan Wah Thong (ACS Class of 1956 and former Chairman of the ACS Board of Governors):

Together with a group of students, I remember helping Rev Lim put up his election posters. The seat was won by none other than Mr Lee Kuan Yew and the rest is history. Interestingly, two other ACS teachers were candidates in that same election under the Progressive Party banner. Science teacher, Mr Lim Choon Mong was successful in Serangoon while our Principal, Dr Thio Chan Bee whom I also helped in the elections, lost narrowly in Whampoa”.

Rev Lim, who was predeceased by his wife Flora Lim in 2010, leaves behind his son Eric, daughter Ann Li, sister Pollyanna Tay, many grandchildren and great grandchildren, as well as numerous nieces and nephews. In his eulogy, Eric recalls:

As a little boy, I totally loved and adored my dad; that bond between us will never die. I always respected him. He had such a wealth of understanding and knowledge and we could always talk to and with each other. Although we do not often show it, we always loved each other and we both knew that. The love between us will now go on and on well and far beyond the grave.”

Vale, Rev Lim. You will be missed by the many whose lives you have touched and enriched.

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