Class of 90 Marks 30th Graduation Anniversary
With Online Events!

“30 is just a number!” Yes indeed, and we thank all well-wishers for not dispelling the illusion of our “youth”! Interestingly, the fond memories of our youth in the old Barker Road campus do feel rather fresh. One of our batch mates recounted a hilarious “sword-fight” in class with rolled paper, as though it took place a few hours ago. Other mates enthusiastically described the campus with impressive detail about the school blocks, canteen, quadrangle and classrooms, along with other fine architectural features such as the toilet ceiling. Everyone felt youthful, as though we had just been dismissed from an exciting day at school.

These fun-filled conversations were a part of online events which were organised by the Class of 90. Although the earlier plans to celebrate our 30th anniversary in person were shelved because of the Covid-19 situation, we have bravely embraced the clarion call that the pandemic would not stop us from gathering (online)!

One of the events which took place recently was an online chapel service. Because of Covid-19, many of us faced anxiety over health risks, uncertainty over livelihoods and disruption of our usual course of lives. We understood the need to reflect on God’s steadfast love and never-ending mercies, not just among the Christians, but also for our brothers who were seeking God or simply in need of support. We felt that a chapel service would provide an opportunity for the batch to gather in a familiar setting to worship and pray. After all, many of us had treasured memories of attending the ACS chapel services, singing hymns, praying and learning about Christ.

Our online service was held on July 24 and was attended by over 50 from the Class of 90. The programme, which was led by members of the batch, included worship, Scripture reading, a message, a personal testimony and prayers. It was an uplifting time of fellowship, as hearts and minds turned to Christ, who is our living hope.

Going forward, chapel services will be conducted regularly for the batch, along with prayer sessions which have been initiated from September 2020. A gathering to celebrate the batch’s 30th anniversary is also in the works.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:11, we are called to encourage each other and build each other up. We are recognising this verse as an invitation to support each other, having begun our journey together in ACS, and continuing well beyond our graduation, over the mountaintops and through the valleys of our lives.

 Mr Raymond Chee

Class of 90's 30th Anniversary
Class of 90's 30th Anniversary
Class of 90's 30th Anniversary
Class of 90's 30th Anniversary Class of 90's 30th Anniversary
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