Discovering The
ACS Heritage

Greetings to the ACS Family!

I am Elizabeth Callard, the granddaughter of T.W. Hinch - the longest serving principal of the Anglo-Chinese School to date and the man who gave the school its motto, introduced the ACS House System and is widely considered the tradition-builder of ACS.

I was raised in the United States, and I saw my grandparents, who lived in England at the time, infrequently when I was growing up. I knew only the bare bones of their life stories, but eventually I became interested in family history. Unfortunately, by then my grandparents had passed on, and my mother was unable to provide much details about her parents’ early lives. She had been sent to school in England at the age of five and never returned to Singapore due to the intervention of WWII. My mother knew very little of her parents’ lives in Singapore because she simply wasn’t there.

When my husband Jim and I made plans to visit Singapore this Summer, we hoped to contact people who could tell us more about my grandfather’s role in ACS. I knew that my grandfather had been close friends with Chen Jan Jee, ACSOBA President (1955-58) but I was not in touch with the Chen family. So, I wrote to ACS and the Old Boy’s Association and had the amazing good fortune to hear back from Joy-marie Toh, the late Mr. Chen’s granddaughter who happens to be on the Management Committee of the OBA!

Joy-marie is wonderful. She arranged for us to see the ACS (Independent), including Hinch Hall, and to speak with many members of the ACS community, including Mr Cecil Wong, whose wedding my grandfather had been part of, and Professor Lawrence Chia, who was the Principal of ACS (Independent) and took us around the campus when I last visited Singapore about 30 years ago (also arranged by Joy-marie’s family).

We had acquired more than simple facts about the past when we left Singapore with wonderful memories, a host of personal anecdotes to treasure, and a deeper understanding of the community that is ACS. We came to admire and respect the character, commitment, and standards of those who worked to make ACS what it is today – and we learned that “The Best is Yet to Be.”

Elizabeth Callard

Discovering The ACS Heritage
1958 – Mr and Mrs Hinch as guests of the ACSOBA. Chen Jan Jee, President,
ACSOBA (1955- 1958) and Cecil Wong, President, ACSOBA (1958- 1961)
who are sitting on the left and right of the Hinches respectively, were former
students of Mr Hinch and played on the ACS Cricket team under his leadership
Discovering The ACS Heritage
1958 – The Hinches at the Tan Chin Tuan Mansion, hosted by Tan Sri Tan
Chin Tuan, President, ACSOBA (1938-1941) and Puan Sri Helene Tan.
From left to right: B. Paul, who was a much-respected teacher of Tan Sri Tan,
Tan Sri Tan, Mr and Mrs Hinch, Chen Jan Jee, Puan Sri Helene and Cecil Wong
Discovering The ACS Heritage 
The Callards at T. W. Hinch Hall, ACS (Independent) 
Discovering the ACS Heritage  Discovering the ACS Heritage 
Mr Cecil Wong sharing wonderful memories
in days of yore with Elizabeth 
The Callards with former ACSOBA Presidents, Mr
Lee Liat Cheng and Mr Cecil Wong 
 Discovering the ACS Heritage Discovering the ACS Heritage 
Elizabeth receiving a "Every Inch A Hinch" T-shirt
designed by the boarders of T.W. Hinch Hall
Elizabeth and Jim with Mr Cecil Wong and Joy-marie Toh  
Discovering the ACS Heritage
Tea with the Callards.
Seated from left: Dr Ang Peng Tiam, Joy-marie Toh, Elizabeth & Jim Callard.
Standing: Mr Wong Heng Yu & Dr Lawrence Chia
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