Reliving #ACSBR98

The ACS (Barker Road) batch of 1998 celebrates two decades since their graduation
Reliving #ACSBR98

Reliving #ACSBR98On August 18, the 1998 batch of ACS (Barker Road) held a get-together at FIVE Square to celebrate 20 years since we graduated from Sec 4.

Instead of just putting together a one-time event, we wanted this gathering to help remind our batch mates of the close bond we all already had with one another in order to kickstart the building of an active community within our Barker ‘98 group. This not only would benefit individuals within our cohort in both work and home, but also further enhance the foundations that make us proud to be a part of the ACSian community.

The organising committee made up of volunteers from our year first met in October 2017 and spent the next 10 months making this event a reality. Reliving #ACSBR98

We opted for an external venue instead a school auditorium or canteen that would not only better suit a group of 100+ attendees, but also give us the chance to support a fellow Barker Boy’s establishment with this paid event.

We saw a great response with more than half of the batch attending the event. Everyone was very happy that a group of our old teachers including our principal, Mr Ng Eng Chin, was able to attend which as well gave them a chance to show our appreciation for the tireless years they spent getting us ready for the lives we now lead.

Reliving #ACSBR98We kept the programme simple to just give everyone a chance to reconnect. We did, however, arrange for an arcade game system that provided some nostalgic fun, showcased videos from friends who were not able to attend as well as took a minute of silence to remember those from our batch who were no longer with us.

Those who attended received a series of door gifts from a luggage tag customised with a laser-engraving of their name plus a limited-edition art-deco style collar pin designed to showcase the brick patterns and hour indices of the iconic clocktower at ACS (Barker Road). We also took the opportunity to showcase a specially-crafted ACS signet ring for the first Reliving #ACSBR98time and gave attendees the opportunity to be the first to place an order. This ring is now available for everyone in the ACS family to place an order for.

It was an amazing night that brought us all back to our secondary school days that culminated in a very enthusiastic singing of the ACS School Anthem to round up the evening. Because of the wonderful response and feedback, we are currently planning a series of smaller events that will take place before the end of the year. We can’t wait to see everyone again and we have no doubt that the best is truly yet to be.

Jason Ho
Chairman for the Organising Committee

Reliving #ACSBR98 Reliving #ACSBR98 Reliving ACSBR98 Reliving ACSBR98
Relive #ACSBR98 Reliving #ACSBR98  
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