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LegACy 2021: Reunion 
LegACy 2021

On September 5, the Anglo-Chinese School Wind Orchestra (also known as the Oldham Wind Orchestra as a chapter of the Oldham Club), hosted an evening of wonderful music-making and reminiscing, entitled, LegACy 2021: Reunion.

LegACy 2021LegACy is an annual concert performed by the ACSWO, which comprises of the alumni from the Anglo-Chinese Junior College Band. Every year, LegACy serves as an opportunity to not only reconnect our alumni through the art of wind band music, but also for the alumni to mentor and work with the current ACJC Band members. Through 2 months of preparation, the ACSWO puts up an exciting programme, alongside with the current band members, or ‘the kids’ as we refer to them endearingly.

LegACy 2021 was a rather special one. If not for the pandemic, we would have been celebrating 10 years of Legacy, which is why the programme was designed to be a reunion after a year of isolation. More than 10 years of our alumni were reunited on stage and in the audience, which was truly a great sight. We were, however, not only celebrating the last 10 years of our alumni band. The concert also marked the LegACy 2021beginning of a new chapter for us, as we have recently become a part of the ACS Old Boys’ Association, as the 11th chapter of the Oldham Club.

The concert program was a collection of pieces that have a special place in the hearts of every ACJC Band member. The pieces each represent a part of our identity: the milestones, the ACJC Band journey, our classic genres etc. The concert started with March Blue Sky, a Japanese march that has recently become a signature of the ACSWO, and they signified the way we often opened our concerts: an easy-listening march that serves as an appetiser for the courses to come. This march was particularly noteworthy, because this was played for both of the years that we won in the Open Division of the Singapore International Band Festival. Another piece, like Holst’s First Suite in Eb, was a piece that every ACJC Band member had to work through during the annual Section Leader Course. Featured in the middle was the wonderful saxophone ensemble, which always make an appearance in LegACy 2021the ACJC Band concert series, MUSE. And in usual AC fashion, the concert comes to an almost close, with a couple of exhilarating pop pieces. We also performed two hymns, Speak, O Lord, and Great is Thy Faithfulness, as a tribute to the Founders’ Day ceremonies. The concert eventually ended with the ACS Anthem, as we do each year at LegACy.

Littered through the concert were videos of various alumni and teachers, who shared their experiences in AC Band and what it means to be a part of this community. Tearful laughter and fond memories were definitely enjoyed, and the atmosphere was indeed palpable that night.

A lengthy anecdote, a concert, and a couple of videos, will never be enough to capture the entire AC band experience. As most already know, the AC Band experience cannot be described, only felt. We hope that we have brought that feeling back into the hearts of every audience member that evening, and we look forward to the next decade of ACSWO.

LegACy 2021
Koh Kai Jie (ACJC, 2019)
LegACy 2021
Darrick Ong (ACJC, 2013)
LegACy 2021
Shawn Tan (ACJC, 2015)
LegACy 2021
Aldwyn Tan (Guest)
LegACy 2021
Chee Jek Yi (ACJC, 2016)

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