The Dragons Welcome The Year Of The Pig
The Dragons of Class of 80

The ‘Dragons’ from the ACS Class of 1980 gathered at the New Ubin Seafood Restaurant on February 13 to Lo Hei and to welcome the Year of the Pig. Being the 5th consecutive get-together, this year was special and memorable as 12 teachers graciously joined us for a night of good food, warm friendship and fond memories.

In 1977 when we were in Sec 1, our sizeable 625-strong cohort was indeed a noisy bunch. The evening of February 13 was similarly rowdy with a total attendance of 121.

The venue and food were exquisite as owner of New Ubin Seafood, Old Boy and Boys’ Brigade stalwart Mr SM Pang ensured everything went perfectly.

The evening was marked with the traditional rendition of the school anthem which was sung more passionately as we saw our teachers belt it out with great gusto and emotion……bringing us back to the good old school hall days…….

ACS CrestWe walk far, and apart but we will always walk with God and ……are and always, will be ACS.

Wong Look Liew

Class of 80
Class of 80
The Dragons of Class of 80
Class of 80 Class of 80
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