Another Successful Gathering for the Class of 56
ACS Class of 56

Class of 56It was, undeniably, a resounding success! December 5 did not come unannounced. It had been echoing on the WhatsApp communication of the Cohort! Enquiries had come from distant shores --- the UK, Canada and Australia. This is despite the mistaken belief of pessimists that octogenarians are disinclined to be gregarious and are reluctant to reconnect. Being mainly born in l938, they are bona fide octogenarians and can be considered as assessed. Nevertheless, as Ambassador Tony Siddique wisely observed “the dauntless heroes” were not deterred by the climate change which brought a heavy downpour an hour before the function commenced.

This Cohort is different!

Class of 56A good number had gathered at the venue before time and were regaling themselves with health drinks and laughter. Soon the numbers grew and fears of the organisers having to subsidize the bill vanished. Last-minute arrivals of Robert Choo, Freddie Koh and George Lee brought the attendance to forty --- ten more than expected! Chok Yan who had taken all the trouble to contact the organisers did not make it as he was advised not to endanger himself driving in the heavy rain. Kok Fun was another one who missed the function. He had an unavoidable last-minute commitment. They both declined a refund!

A Prayer of Thanks was delivered by Wah Thong and a one-minute silence to fondly remember those who had passed on was observed. Before the dinner, Wah Thong did his duty by briefing the gathering of the achievements of the great family of the ACS institutions and its diverse population. The restaurant premises were not spared the full-throated sounds of the ACS Anthem from breathless octogenarians.

Although a programme had been prepared to see the evenings proceedings through the atmosphere denied its execution. The function went auto-pilot!! Interspersed with high-decibel conversations and uncontrollable outbursts of uproarious laughter the night evolved, giving no clue as to what was specifically going on. Movements to the food table and consumption seemed well-disciplined.

In the absence of sequencing, Kwok Thye and Sing Kwan managed to slip in their impromptu items. Kwok Thye told a few jokes which virtually wrecked rib-cages but Sing Kwan made good the damage with his soothing rendition of “The Singing Voice of Midnight” in Mandarin. Soon it was group-photo time, which implicitly meant “Auld Lang Syne”. The rush for an advantage position for the photo caused a slight commotion which could be misconstrued as an eagerness to disperse. It definitely was not. It was eagerness for another gathering in 2019!

Unanimously, there was a resounding concurrence for a 2019 Reunion!

Foo Chee Jan

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