Oldham Club
- Reaching Out, Moving Forward
Oldham Club AGM
Mr Richard Seow accentuating Oldham’s raison d’être
Oldham Club AGM
The AGM in session

As the sports and social/community outreach arm of the ACS OBA, Oldham Club has come a long way since its establishment in 2009. Today, it consists of eight chapters – Badminton, Basketball, Hockey, Rugby, Squash, Tennis, Water Polo and Choir, the recent and first nonsport chapter and forerunner of many other Arts chapters to come.

The Club recently held its Dinner and Annual General Meeting (AGM) on April 8. Among the attendees were former principals, Wan Fook Weng and Peter Tan, Loo Ming Yaw, Principal of ACS (Barker Road), Richard Seow (Chairman of the ACS Board of Governors), Cheo Chai Hong (Past President of the ACS OBA), and the ACS OBA Management Committee comprising Lim Tat (President), Joy-marie Toh (2nd Vice-President), Tang Kee Fei (Treasurer), Paul Lee and Melvin Deng.

Lim Tat opened proceedings in prayer. In his address, he outlined how Oldham Club supports the aims of the ACS OBA as a mentorship and inclusive social platform for non-alumni, alumni and current students.

After Treasurer Jonathan Hui outlined the financial governance standards, each of the seven sports chapter heads presented their reports. It was heartwarming that every chapter stressed mentorship, character building, youth development, relevance to the schools and social outreach (such as the successful and meaningful 2017 Sports Carnival).

Next was the introduction of the ACJC Alumni Choir. Chapter Head, Suzanna Ho gave an overview of the Choir’s 24- year history, concerts, tours, community outreach, music commissions, and future plans as part of Oldham Club.

The election of office bearers then followed. In his closing address,

Richard Seow accentuated Oldham’s raison d’être and continued relevance to our stakeholders. He was also encouraged by the positive steps of veterans’ and ladies’ teams in Oldham Chapters. Peter Tan closed us in prayer.

Hari Vaerhn

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