Founder's Day in Jakarta
Founder's Day Dinner in Jakarta
Posing with our distinguished guests, Dr Ong and Mdm Kwee

Founder's Day Dinner in JakartaSpearheaded by one of the ACS alumni in Singapore, Mr Steven Haurissa, the ACS Founder’s Day Jakarta Dinner was first held in 2013. Now, in its 6th year, this year’s dinner held at The Westin was attended by over 100 guests from the ACS alumni in Indonesia.

Gracing the occasion were several distinguished guests from Singapore. They included Mr & Mrs Campbell (former Master and Matron of Oldham Hall) who have been our guests in the past few dinners, Dr Ong Chin Teck (former Principal of ACS [Independent]) and his wife, and Mdm Grace Kwee (former Christian Ministry Staff at ACS (Independent)).

The dinner was scrumptious and the alumni enjoyed eachFounder's Day Dinner in Jakarta other’s company, rekindling memories of their school days. With the help of front facing cameras, they also took selfies with our distinguished guests, since it was a rare occasion to meet them again.

The dinner reminded us that ACS is more than just a school. The attendees were still able to sing the school anthem with gusto (and without looking at the lyrics placed on their tables)! Even after years of not meeting one another, they got together as if their school days were just yesterday. Really, for these ACSians, no discord will ever sever their friendship! This is the kind of camaraderie that embodies the ACS spirit, and that is what we want to pass on to the younger generations of ACSians. We want to show that as ACSians, our hearts, our hopes and our aims are one.

Mr Nurvianto Bayusuputra
ACS Founder’s Day Dinner 2018 Committee Member

Founder's Day Dinner in Jakarta
Scholars, officers, gentlemen (and a lady)
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