Another Successful Gathering of Octogenarians!
Class of 56 Reunion

The long-awaited occasion finally arrived for the ACS Class of 56 octogenarians to meet once again! On December 4, 2019, they converged at the same restaurant after a long year to reinforce their fellowship, in-between being resuscitated by gatherings for weekly breakfast, fortnightly coffee and monthly lunch.

At the appointed time, the required number had arrived much to the relief of the organisers who might have had to make good the shortfall! Regulars John Chen, Chia Shu Sien, Richard Lau, Leonard Tan, Tang Ngi Wah and Foo Chee Chin were conspicuous by their absence, bitten either by the ageing or travelling bug!

Without exaggerating the significance of the occasion, suffice it to say that, Jason Han, came all the way from Perth to represent the foreign delegation. And, Lee Boon Siong travelled all the way from Pasir Panjang by MRT in his wheelchair escorted by his caregivers!

By 7.30 it was obvious that Eric Wee and Peter Lim were vying for the attention of being the last to arrive! For Peter it was understandable in view of his elevated status, but for Eric it was inexcusable! Congratulations overwhelmed Peter when he finally arrived, not for being late, of course!

Before commencement, a one-minute silence was observed to remember Cohort members who had passed on.

Then Wah Thong stepped forward to say Grace. Following that he shared news of the advancement of the great ACS Family. There are now six ACS schools in Singapore and three international ones overseas. They are financially supported by the ACS Foundation and the Methodist Schools Foundation. The System of Houses, now expanded from five to eight, continues to strengthen character and inculcate esprit de corps! The solidarity of the Alma Mater cannot be over-emphasized. Hence, ACS Forever!!

In unison, the stentorian singing of the School Anthem reinforced the emotions of pride felt at the time.

It was futile to have a prepared programme as the proceedings invariably went autopilot from that moment. Conversations continued during the careful advances to the buffet tables.

Caution was advised and seriously adhered to as the golden rule was that a trip and fall would be costly, especially for those after imbibing the concentrated Ribena generously supplied by Wah Thong.

Needless to say, the distribution to occupy tables reflected the gravitation of interests and buddy preferences over the past decades. Without prompting, medical issues, their causes and recommended treatment were expressed with confidence!

Repetitive phrases and words were “I forgot”, “Sorry just slipped my mind”, “Something like that”. Intermittent laughter, as loud as always, remained the trademark of the Cohort.

The autopilot went well without interruption. There was no singing and no wise cracks. Soon, reminded by the presence of the imposing horologium at Barker Road bedtime grandpas were alerted. All at once the location for the group photograph was identified and action taken. Auld Lang Syne followed without hesitation, culminating in wishes for Reunion 2020, echoing “Grow old with me, the best is yet to be”! It was indeed a resounding success!

Foo Chee Jan

Class of 56 - Another Successful Gathering of Octogenarians
Class of 56 - Another Successful Gathering of Octogenarians
Class of 56 - Another Successful Gathering of Octogenarians
Class of 56 - Another Successful Gathering of Octogenarians
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