ACS OBA President's Message

Happy New Year!

Just the other day, I was asked a question: “What does ACS mean to you?” Surprisingly, the answer that flashed in my mind was simply the word “life”. Reflecting, I am probably not alone among ACSians in feeling that the 12 years that I spent in ACS had become so integral in my physical and mental experiences that it defined my existence, and the person I have become.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the year my cohort (Class of ’79) completed our “O” levels. Some of us went on to ACJC to complete 12 years of education in ACS, in the process “earning” the title of “true blue ACSians”. Looking back, the 40 years seem to have flown by, with most of us preoccupied with national service, studies, marriage, kids, careers, and for some of us now, retirement and grandchildren. Yet, the bonds that formed more than 40 years ago remain as intense and keep us standing together for the cause of ACS.

In the OBA, we will this year embark on the final phase of our transition to enable OBA to keep up with the times and enhance OBA’s relevance to ACSians of all ages from all ACS schools. We will create spaces for ACSians to interact, converse and dialogue. We will form, facilitate and manage networks, platforms and harness the use of technology to help ACS communities thrive and flourish, both in the physical and virtual worlds. We will intensify our efforts to involve young ACSians, to create an OBA which serves the diverse needs of our energetic and youthful ACSians who will lead the charge in the age to come.

Lim TatIf we are successful in our efforts, perhaps 40 years from now, the current new generation of ACSians will when asked the question: “What does ACS mean to you?”, find in their hearts the same answer that have defined the ACSians of yore.


To God be the Glory! The Best Is Yet to Be!

Lim Tat
President, ACSOBA

Interaction with younger ACSians at the Townhall meeting
Interaction with younger ACSians at the Townhall meeting
Interaction with younger ACSians at the Townhall meeting
Dialogue and interaction with younger ACSians
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