Leadership Transitions at the ACS Schools

December 15, 2018 marked leadership transitions at ACS (Independent) and ACS (Primary).

After close to 8 years leading ACS (Independent) with distinction and to new levels of achievement and accomplishment, Mr. Winston Hodge will be retiring as principal.

At the Thanksgiving Chapel at ACS (Independent) to bid farewell to Mr. Hodge, ACS Board of Governors and ACS (Independent) Board of Management Chairman Mr Richard Seow paid tribute to the ACS (Independent) Principal, thanking him for “his leadership of the School and the Boarding School and in serving ACS always putting God at the center of His School”.

He further remarked that “When the history of ACS of these recent past years is written, I imagine that there would be a chapter written for a special principal named Hodge, who came to us in a time of need, a servant of Christ, a man of character and an outstanding educator of his time.”

The ACS Family thanks Mr Hodge, Mrs Hodge and the Hodge family for their blessed years of service to ACS.

We are indeed blessed that taking over from Mr Hodge will be Mr Arene Koh, the Principal of ACS (Primary). Mr Koh joined the ACS Family 5 years ago and has guided the school with gracious servant leadership. ACS is grateful to the Ministry of Education for agreeing to the request for Mr Koh to stay within the ACS Family of Schools and to take on the Principalship of ACS (Independent). We thank Mr Koh for his outstanding service at ACS (Primary) and look forward to his term of leadership at ACS (Independent).

The ACS Family welcomes Dr Irene Ng who will be the new incoming principal at ACS (Primary). Dr Ng joins ACS from New Town Primary School.

On behalf of the ACS Board of Governors, we wish Mr Hodge a blessed and meaningful retirement and to Mr Koh and Dr Ng the Lord’s blessing and guidance as they take on their new roles

To God be the Glory.

The Best Is Yet Yo Be!

Mr Richard Seow

ACS Board of Governors

Winston Hodge
Mr Winston Hodge
Arene Koh
Mr Arene Koh
Winston Hodge
Dr Irene Ng
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