The ONE ACS Heritage Project

Who had a dream that Bishop Oldham would arrive on the shores of Singapore?

Which significant event does this 
 photograph commemorate

What role did Marie Oldham play
in the school when ACS was first
established in 1886


How did a girl manage to pass
off as a boy and study in ACS


Where can you discover little-known
facts about the history of ACS

Get answers and discover little-known facts and inspiring stories from the ONE ACS Heritage Gallery which will be unveiled in the first half of 2019 at the second level of the Barker Road Transport Centre.

In an effort to preserve the unique history and traditions of ACS, the ACS Old Boys’ Association has embarked on the ‘Grand Endeavour’ of establishing the ONE ACS Heritage Gallery.

Our prayer is that the ONE ACS Heritage Centre will serve as a reminder to current and future generations of ACS alumni of the legacy of their alma mater, the strength of our ties with one another and the love and service of those who have come before them. 

The newly renovated ACS OBA Office and Meeting Room/Lounge will be made available for booking/use by OBA Members through the ACS OBA website soon.

ACS needs you. You are part of the ACS story, and your contribution will inspire current and future ACSians by instilling in them an awareness of the rich heritage of the ACS family of schools. We would love to hear from multigenerational ACS families too! Please share memories and/or artefacts of your ACS story with us through our website at

Thank you for supporting the One ACS Heritage Project.

The Best Is Yet To Be!

The ACS OBA Management Committee

ACS OBA Lounge
The ACS OBA Lounge 

The ONE ACS Heritage Gallery Walkway
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