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The ACS Brand Identity Guidelines

The ACSOBA is proud to launch an updated version of The Anglo-Chinese School Brand Identity Guidelines which are available on our website, These Brand Guidelines are meant to reinforce the common identity and brand of our growing ACS family and its stakeholders. Our unique ACS Crest stirs indescribable school loyalty and pride and marks us as proud ACSians.

The ACSOBA hopes that all ACSians join us in respecting the ACS Crest and the guidelines of its use.

These Brand Guidelines contain amongst other things, the required standards for the use of the ACS Crest (being the ACS Shield and the Banner containing the words “The Best Is Yet To Be”), the names of the various schools of the ACS Family of Schools, the ACS Creature and the ACS Flag with the aim of fostering uniformity in visual presentation through all media bearing the ACS brand identity.

The Anglo-Chinese School (“ACS”) Crest mark, ACS stylised mark, ACS Creature device mark, “ACS” and “ACSIAN” marks (the “ACS Marks”) are the property of the Anglo-Chinese School Old Boys’ Association (“ACSOBA”).

The ACS Marks serve as the visual identifier for, and represent, the ACS Family of Schools, the ACSOBA, the ACS Board of Governors (“ACS BOG”), the Anglo-Chinese Schools Foundation (“the ACS Foundation”) and other ACS-related organisations (collectively, the “ACS Institutions”).

The ACS Marks, together with other names, symbols and/ or images that represent and identify the ACS Institutions (“ACS Identifiers”), should be used only as authorised and in a manner befitting the dignity and integrity of ACS and the ACS Institutions.  

Alumni and third-party requests to use the ACS Marks and/or ACS Identifiers are to be directed to: legal@acsoba. net.

School related requests (such as from PSGs, CCAs etc) to use the ACS Marks and/or the ACS Identifiers are to be directed to the relevant management representatives from each school.  

The ACS OBA would like to especially thank the ACS Board of Governors for its support, Jonathan Yuen, Joy-marie Toh, Ganga Jayaram, Morgan Zhou and Phang Kien Yip from the OBA Management Committee for their tenacity in completing this initiative. Last but not least, we are grateful for the creativity and tireless effort of Chloe Sng (ACS Independent Class of 2008) of Atlas Associates, who shares our passion and love for ACS and has gone beyond the call of duty in working with the ACSOBA to complete the Brand Guidelines.

The ACSOBA Management Committee

Below are extracts from the Brand Guidelines. A full copy of the Brand Guidelines is available on the ACSOBA website. 
Brand ACS Guidelines
Brand ACS Guidelines
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