Class of 56's 61st Year Anniversary

The ACS Class of 1956's 61st Year Anniversary

The year 2017 was fast approaching the end but the long-awaited news of our Class of 1956’s 61st reunion dinner was still in the air! It might not materialise at all. To deny that conclusion a group of inspired members got together, despite their relative inexperience, to make it happen.

The date had been previously fixed as Tuesday, 5 December. Based on that, they pulled their resources together and within the time available at the weekly breakfast and fortnightly coffee sessions, they managed to make contact and disseminate news of the confirmation of the function.

In no time a list of about forty of the Cohort was notified. There was justifiable concern when response was not forthcoming but implicit confidence in the Cohort prompted the group to initiate planning moves without delay. The regular restaurant was reserved for a capacity of at least thirty participants.

Being almost an eleventh-hour effort, we were prepared for disappointment. Responses that came in were not encouraging initially. It was end of the year and many had made plans for travel, grandparental duties and free-and-easy trips. Regrets were sincere and when positive responses did come in, together, they enhanced our esteem of our Cohort. Early positives out-numbered the negatives. Although we lauded those who responded we maintained respect for everyone who decided not to attend. They must have had valid reasons.

At 7.00 pm on 5 December, to the relief of the ad-hoc organising committee, the head-count was thirty-six!! Tony Siddique and Lim Hui Chong came all the way to relieve themselves of the dinner dues, had a brief drink, chatted a while with cronies and left for their personal commitments!! They did not stay for dinner! This speaks a lot about the camaraderie of ACSians, especially the 1956 Cohort. No one should underestimate the strength we had built up over the years!

The rest remained to continue their dynamics and interaction to maximise their premium time together. Staring at them was an appetising and irresistible spread of the best Chinese cuisine. There was no hurry as there was plenty of food to go around, especially when age was the restraint. The imperative at the time was to be actively engaged in conversation to find out solutions to the inevitables of advanced years! After all, we are on the threshold of being Octogenarians!

In the three hours we covered a comprehensive agenda. We said Grace, honoured those who had passed on by observing a minute’s silence, belted out the ACS Anthem, updated data of our friends’ predilections and finally expressed that irrepressible desire to see each other again at the next reunion. Auld Lang Syne would be sung once again, a year later, with more gusto!

Of course, before the next reunion dinner there would be the Monthly Tuesday Lunch, the Weekly Wednesday Breakfast, the Fortnightly Sunday Coffee and the Specified Lunch Visits to Food Centres.

The success of the get-together was entirely the effort of all and this bodes well for “The Best is yet to be”!

Foo Chee Jan

ACS Class of 56's 61st Year Reunion
ACS Class of 56's 61st Year Reunion
ACS Class of 56's 61st Year Reunion
ACS Class of 56's 61st Year Reunion
ACS Class of 56's 61st Year Reunion
ACS Class of 56's 61st Year Reunion
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