ACS Foundation does its partWhen the ACS Foundation learned of the news regarding the ACS Junior students and staff who were hospitalised and quarantined under the Quarantine Order in May 2021, they were one of the first to react. It was a meaningful and opportune time for the ACSF to express their encouragement, support and solidarity with the ACSJ boys, their families and the staff as they faced this challenge, and to assure them that we stand together as ONE ACS and one ACS family with them.

With love, concern and a heart for their plight, the Programmes Committee Head’s swift response was to activate the Foundation into action and working expeditiously, a quick assessment was made on how best the ACSF could help to complement the school’s and its Parent Support Group’s efforts.

Several ideas were discussed as the aim was to provide care and comfort to them as soon as possible. It was decided that a few warm, pleasant meals by providing two 50-dollar Grabfood vouchers each to those quarantined - whether in hospital, at the quarantine facility or at home - accompanied with a note to cheer to encourage them, would be distributed via the school.

Other members of the ACS family were also quick to act: ACS Junior, the Methodist Church of Singapore and the ACSOBA were among those that showed support and care in their own way.

ACS (Junior) as well as the boys have shown their appreciation through the teachers, Instagram and Youtube, but what the ACSF was most thankful for was that all those that were quarantined returned safely home.

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