ACS BOG Leadership Changes

The Anglo-Chinese School Board of Governors (ACS BOG) has announced the retirement of the Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, Dr Lee Li Eng and Mr Lau Cheng Hock, and the appointment of Rev Malcolm Tan, Mr Hugh Lim and Mr Choe Peng Sum to the Board for the June 2018 – May 2022 term.

Over the years, ACS has been very blessed with dedicated leaders on the ACS BOG serving the ACS family of schools faithfully in accordance with the vision and mission of The Methodist Church in Singapore and the policies of the educational authorities. Their prudent leadership and guidance are largely responsible for the school’s remarkable growth to its current family of seven schools (six in Singapore and one in Indonesia) with a total student population of over 10,650.

Rev Ngoei Foong NghianThe Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, Principal of Trinity Theological College, is perhaps the longest serving BOG member ever with 28 years of service. He was appointed to the BOG in 1990 when the Methodist Church leadership decided to take more interest in the direction of all its mission schools. Sharing with the ACS Echo, Rev Ngoei said:

As the first Director of Ministry in the Schools, my primary role was to lay the foundations for work that must be handled wisely and sensitively in a multi-religious context in our schools. This was achieved with the cooperation of the principals and the flourishing ministry of our chaplains and ministry staff who have touched the lives of countless students over the decades.”

“As most Board members have been old boys of the school, one of the roles of clergy members is to advise on the ethos of the Methodist Church when the need arises. The symbiotic relationship between church and school must be nurtured. In many ways we are indebted to the old boys for their love of ACS and their commitment to its cause. The large talent pool and willingness to spend time for the betterment of succeeding generations of students is exemplary. This ‘ACS spirit’ is well documented and is one of the reasons why many parents wish their children to study at ACS.”

When Rev Ngoei first joined the Board, the ACS family had two primary schools, one secondary school and one junior college. Since then, the family has grown with the addition of ACS (Barker Road) in 1994, ACS (International) in 2005 and ACS Jakarta in 2006. What was most memorable was the birth of the second secondary school, ACS (Barker Road), as Rev Ngoei recalls:

It was an ‘unexpected miracle’ and is a story that has an oral tradition which should be recorded for posterity. Although ACS has been unfairly perceived as exclusive, the Board worked hard at developing ACS (Barker Road) to provide opportunities for as many as possible to benefit from an ACS education. We have been consistent in practising our Christian values and our conviction to counter elitism led to the establishment of ACS (Barker Road)."

"Over the years, the demand for an ACS education has resulted in fewer places allocated to those directly connected to ACS such as Methodists. While this policy is not welcomed by church members, it does open doors to outreach work among our students. Indeed, we are reminded of Bishop Oldham’s mission to share the faith with all ACS students, if it is done outside of curriculum time and presented respectfully and sensibly. Ultimately, our wish is that ACSians will move on in life to make a qualitative difference in their circle of family, friends and colleagues, as well as to society at large. The Best is Yet to Be!”

Dr Lee Li EngDr Lee Li Eng, JP, PBM, BBM (ACS Pre-U Class of 1956) is another stalwart of the BOG who managed her time so well to serve on the board for 24 years despite her busy career. She was the former CEO of Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital for 30 years before retiring in 2005 and active in various community and church work, including terms on the boards of ACS (Independent), ACS (International) and the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations.

Dr Lee found her tenure on the BOG fulfilling although at times challenging. She remembers well the difficulties the Board faced in introducing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, the joy when ACS (Independent) was the first school in Singapore to launch it in 2004, and the school going on to produce outstanding results year after year to become the world’s leading IB school.

I enjoyed the privilege of working with a great team of members on the board who have the school’s interest at heart. There were times when we do not agree with each other because of the complicacy of issues but at the end of the day, we always put our individual views aside to agree on a solution that benefits the school most”, she shared.


Mr Lau Cheng Hock (ACS Pre-U Class of 76) is a true-blue ACSian. Despite his many responsibilities as the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director Investments with Aris PrimePartners Asset Management Pte Ltd, and additionally sitting on several other boards including The ACS Foundation, he had found time to give back to the alma mater and make a difference to the community.

Lau Cheng HockAccording to Mr Lau:

My stint on the Board has been rewarding, albeit demanding at times. With the challenging environment where many stake holders are involved, much time and effort went on behind the scenes whenever there were major issues to resolve and decisions to be taken. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful team at the BOG. I truly appreciate their understanding and patience in executing their duties and take off my hat to fellow members like the Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Ngian and Dr Lee Li Eng for their exemplary leadership and stamina to serve on the BOG for so many years.

The ACS family of schools is grateful to Rev Ngoei, Dr Lee and Mr Lau for doing so much for ACS. As Mr Richard Seow, Chairman of the ACS BOG sums it up:

 “We give thanks to God for providing the ACS Family with the wise and dedicated counsel of Foong Nghian, Lee Eng and Cheng Hock on the Board of Governors. Their service has made a meaningful difference to ACS and we will be forever grateful to them for the many contributions and sacrifices they have made as Governors.

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