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The spirit that binds ACSians together is extraordinary. Even long after leaving school and going their separate ways, faithful old classmates will still find all sorts of excuses to keep in touch, network and continue friendships that were developed since school days.

In days of yore before the advent of the internet and mobile telecommunication technologies, organising class get-togethers used to be a challenge. It took much time and effort to round up the cohort together for a class reunion as landline phones, postcards, letters and telegrams were the only means of communication then. Yet, come rain or shine, scores would turn up to walk down memory lane with old classmates and former teachers.

Today, getting in touch with each other is such a breeze with the aid of Internet and social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Messenger.  As a result, cohorts are now meeting more frequently and in larger groups for annual reunions, regular breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and even karaoke, combined birthday bashes, golf tournaments and overseas trips - all organised in incredibly short notice. For example, the Class of 81’s successful 25th Anniversary was organised in just a fortnight some years back; this is probably the shortest lead time in ACS history for a major class reunion! And amazingly, members of the most active cohort, the Class of 56, have eight opportunities to meet each month!

Over the years, the ACS Echo has played a small part in re-connecting ACSians with their respective cohorts through reports of class reunions and activities in the publication. In response to requests, we are planning a dossier of class gatherings for display in the ACS OBA webpage which we hope will serve as a platform for Old Boys to reconnect with their respective cohorts.

To start the ball rolling, below is a summary of what we have on record. This list is by no means complete. If you know of other cohorts who meet regularly and are not listed here, please refer them to us or let us have their contacts to follow up. We will update and post the listing online for the benefit of all those who wish to keep in touch with their respective cohorts.

Last Update: 07 Aug 2019
ACS Crest
ACS Class of 1955
ACS Class of 1956
ACS Class of 1957
ACS Class of 1958
ACS Class of 1959/Pre-U Class of 1961
ACS Class of 1960
ACS Class of 1962/Pre-U Class of 1964
ACS Class of 1964/Pre-U Class of 1966 
ACS Class of 1967 
ACS Class of 1968
ACS Class of 1970/Pre-U Class of 1972 
ACS Class of 1975 
ACS Class of 1978 
ACS Class of 1981 
ACS Class of 1986 
ACS 'O' Level Class of 1955

ACS Crest⦿ Lunch every quarter. Usually on a Monday at Restaurant 21 on Rajah, Days Hotel on Rajah, off Balestier.

⦿ Contact: Philip Ong Swee Ming (+65 9150 9668) or Tan Suan Fong (; +65 9138 7502)

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ACS 'O' Level Class of 1957
Class of 57 - A Journey of Friendship on the Silk Road
Fun and fellowship on the Silk Road, China

⦿ Lunch on the first Friday of every month at The Food Republic, Shaw Centre (opposite the Indian Food outlet).

⦿ Besides anniversaries (the 60th was celebrated in 2017) and ad hoc gatherings whenever visiting classmates are in town, members from the cohort have also travelled together to China, Myanmar and on a Mediterranean cruise.

⦿ Contact: Jerry Choo (+65 9632 1170), David Tai (+65 9736 1161), Norman Wee (+65 9662 7193)

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ACS 'O' Level Class of 1960
Class of 60 - Annual Lo Hei Lunch
The annual Lo Hei lunch in session

⦿ Lunch at the Metropolitan YMCA, Stevens Road, usually on the last Thursday of each month. Besides annual reunions, the cohort also meets for a Lo Hei lunch each Lunar New Year or whenever visiting classmates are in town.

⦿ Contact: Chris Chen (

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ACS 'O' Level Class of 1964 & Pre-U Class of 1966
Class of 64-66 Reunion
50th Anniversary Celebration

⦿ Reunions and informal gatherings are arranged on an adhoc basis, especially whenever overseas schoolmates are in town.

⦿ Contact: John Tan Yew How (+65 9650 1250;

⦿ Updates and happenings are also posted on the ACS Class of 1964/1966 FaceBook group page which is managed by Kenneth Choo San Chwee ( and Henry Wee Cheng Swee ( 

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ACS 'O' Level Class of 1970 & Pre-U Class of 1972
Class of 70 - 72
The Class of 70/72 cohort at one of their gatherings

⦿ Informal lunches, dinners and drinks at various food outlets and pubs are arranged on an ad hoc basis through a WhatsApp chat group.

⦿ Next gathering is on 14 September 2018, from 6.30pm onwards. Venue will be at one of the cohort's home. For more details, please contact John Lim Tiong Lee (+65 9635 8842), Andrew Koh (+65 9622 7522) or Patrick Cheong (+65 9487 6228)

⦿ Those interested in joining the gatherings may contact Andrew Koh (; +65 9622 7522) to be included in the chat group and also in the ACS Class of 70/72 closed Facebook group.

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ACS 'O' Level Class of 1968
Class of 68
A gathering of the 68 Cohort Chat Group 

⦿ The cohort celebrated its 50th Anniversary recently.

⦿ They meet on the last Friday of every month for lunch at the Revenue House Cafeteria, Thomson Road.

⦿ The next lunch is scheduled for 22 February 2019. For more information, please contact Derek Seah (; +65 9857 5041.

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ACS 'O' Level Class of 1978
Class of 78
Friendly futsal match with the Swiss Club

⦿ Come rain or shine, this cohort meets every alternate Thursday evening between 7 and 10 pm for futsal friendlies on the rooftop of Singapore G Building, 25 Tagore Lane.

⦿ If you wish to join in this healthy pursuit, please contact Ian Cheah (

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ACS 'O' Level Class of 1986

ACS Crest⦿ Lunch on the last Friday of each month at Hard Rock Cafe.

⦿ Contact: Tan Suan Wee (, +9819 8936).

⦿ For more details, refer to

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ACS 'O' Level Class of 1956
Class of 56
This cohort has opportunities to meet 8 times each month!

⦿ Lunch on the first Tuesday (12 noon to 2.30pm) of the month at YWCA, Fort Canning Road. Contact: Foo Chee Jan (+65 9830 1894)

⦿ Breakfast every Wednesday (9am to 11.30am) at Koufu Food Court, Level 2, Toa Payoh Hub. Contact: Khoo Hye Tin (+65 9634 0014) or John Chen (+65 9223 8728)

⦿ Coffee every fortnight at Toa Payoh Central Food Court, Block 79C. Contact: Foo Chee Jan (+65 9830 1894)

⦿ Lunch on the third Friday (12 noon to 2pm) of the month at various venues. Contact: Chia Shu Sien (+65 9796 7813)

⦿ Annual Golf Challenge – planning is currently in progress. Contact: John Chen (+65 9223 8728) and Tan Keng Jin (+65 9171 1947)

NB. It is advisable to confirm time and date with the contact person in case there are changes.

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ACS 'O' Level Class of 1958
Class of 59 - Combined Birthday Bash
ACS Class of 1958

⦿ Gatherings are held on the last Wednesday of each month - lunch on even months and chit chat over coffee on odd months.

⦿ Subject to confirmation a week before each gathering, the venue is usually the Plaza Singapura Kopitiam.

⦿ The cohort will be celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year.

⦿ Contact: Eric Pakiry ( or Tan Joo San (

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ACS 'O' Level Class of 1959 & Pre-U Class of 1961
Class of 59 - Combined Birthday Bash
Combined Birthday Bashes are celebrated every 5 years

⦿ Lunch at various venues on the last Thursday of every month.

⦿ Reunions and milestone events such as birthday bashes are celebrated every five years. The combined 75th Birthday Bash was celebrated in 2017 and plans are already in the pipeline for the 60th Anniversary Celebration in 2019.

⦿ Contact: Michael Tan (+65 9817 6959; or Choo Teck Long (; +65 9832 8289)

⦿ 09 November 2019: Please keep this date free for our cohort's 60th Anniversary Reunion. Look out for more details soon.

⦿ Next Gathering: 12.30pm, Thursday, 29 August 2019. Venue to be advised.

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ACS 'O' Level Class of 1962 & Pre-U Class of 1964

Class of 62 - Breakfast at Tiong Bahru Food Centre
Fortnightly breakfast rendezvous at Tiong Bahru Food Centre

⦿ Breakfast at the Tiong Bahru Food Centre every fortnight.

⦿ Besides periodic lunches and anniversary celebrations, members from the cohort have also travelled together to destinations like Xiamen, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Penang.

⦿ Contact: If you wish to join in, please WhatsApp Teo Joo Lam (+65 9633 4150) or Chan Kong Leong (+65 9818 1553).

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ACS 'O' Level Class of 1967
Class of 67 remembering Bertram Yong
The Class of 67 gathering to remember an old classmate

⦿ Members of this cohort catch up over casual monthly dinners and when visiting classmates are in town.

⦿ The next dinner is scheduled for 28 February for O level boys and the next big gathering is now being planned for 2019 when the Pre-U Class celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

⦿ Contact: Ng Wei Min (+65 9183 6835; . 

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ACS 'O' Level Class of 1975

ACS Crest⦿ Lunch on the first Friday of each month at Y-Café, YMCA Orchard. Should the first Friday fall on the first of the month, the lunch will be held over to the following Friday.

⦿ Reunions and milestone events such as birthday bashes are usually celebrated in grand style. Next up will be in 2019 when members of the cohort turn 60.

⦿ Contact: Rayson Seow (

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ACS 'O' Level Class of 1981
Class of 81
The Class of 81's Birthday Bash on turning 50 in 2015

⦿ This cohort meets quarterly for coffee to keep in touch. The next gathering is scheduled for 23 February, 3pm at McDonald’s East Coast, followed by a Lo Hei dinner at 6.30om.

⦿ Members of this cohort are kept in the loop of activities and happenings through the ACS Class of 81 FaceBook and WhatsApp group chats.

⦿ Contact: Alan Fu (+65-91845909/

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