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The Parent Support Group of ACS (Independent)

The PSG of ACS (Independent)
The PSG Committee 2016 - 2017

The tradition of ACS depicts a very different brand of education that can be seen through 132 years of her existence. This rich heritage plants itself in the very ethos of the mission of the school – to holistically groom our students to be beacons of truth and light for the world around us.

As PSG of ACS (Independent), we resonate and echo with this heartbeat and endeavour to do our part in augmenting the quality of holistic education for our students.

Specifically, the PSG desires to facilitate the opportunity for our students to encounter these 4 key experiences in their lives:

(a) the love from God and the nurture of Christian community;

(b) deep and strong friendships that last through their lifetime;

(c) a deep sense of loyalty and gratefulness to the institution and the teachers for the knowledge, love and holistic experience encountered in their growing up years;

(d) a foretaste of leadership that is driven by a heart of compassion, a lifestyle of integrity, hands of servitude and humility in our relationships.

We are grateful and privileged to be able to serve the school in ways that will allow both the educators to be effective in the holistic development of our students. The identity and loyalty of each student to their school allow for continuity of the traditions that foster a strong bond of camaraderie between the stakeholders, and indeed ACS has often been referred to as being a big happy family.

The PSG is an apolitical structure that takes her leadership from the senior administration of the school. We exist solely to serve the interests of the school. With this backdrop, we have partnered the school in the Year One Orientation and facilitated a feedback bridge between the school leaders and their students.

Appreciating teachers for their sacrifices made in nurturing our students is also high on the PSG agenda. We acknowledge that these teachers are instrumental in building and shaping the lives of our children. Teachers’ Day Lunch (TDL) allows us to thank them for their labour of love. This event is an expression of our appreciation for the teachers’ guidance and love towards the students. Parent volunteers are mobilised to provide and bless the teachers with a feast they will look forward to for years to come.

On the topic of physical sustenance, we are also providing snacks for about 50 students in the month of July for the Study Club. This allows our “O-Level” cohort to come together to prepare for their pending critical examinations.

The spiritual component is also covered by the PSG in the weekly gathering of parents to pray for our students, staff and other school matters. For dads who are working during the weekdays, there is also a monthly Fathers’ Prayer fellowship that meets on the first Saturday of every month. In addition, special prayer groups are formed during special seasons such as during critical examination periods to cover the students with prayer concurrently while the examination is ongoing.

Hosting our ASEAN scholars and giving them an opportunity to experience a “home away from home” is also a partnership that we treasure in our support of the school.

With all that is happening (and much more), we can see that the PSG forms a very integral component of the life in ACS (Independent). It is our desire that more parents can come forward to make this “our school”, seeing ourselves as active partners in shaping the lives of our children for the future.

Finally, I must end with the note that we have been greatly blessed by the support that we receive from the leadership of the school and that the current parents in the committee are truly remarkable.

Danny Ng
Chairman PSG 2017

The PSG of ACS (Independent)
Parents' Prayer Group
The PSG of ACS (Independent)
Busking at Orchard
The PSG of ACS (Independent)
Mime busking at Orchard
.The PSG of ACS (Independent)
Having fun at the Parents' Appreciation Dinner 2016
.The PSG of ACS (Independent)
Teachers' Day Lunch
.The PSG of ACS (Independent)
National Day Celebration 2017
The PSG of ACS (Independent)
The PSG celebrating Teachers' Day
The PSG of ACS (Independent)
Teachers' Day Lunch 2017
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