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The Super Parents' Action Team of ACJC

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The Parents’ Action Team (PAT) has stayed true to its mission to serve students, teachers, staff and fellow parents by organising activities and programmes to build relationships of mutual trust and create a healthy and sustainable environment which our students will thrive in. Helmed by Ms Cheong Wen-Na, Chairperson 2017, parents of past and present students work in close collaboration with the college’s leaders, families and community to ensure that our students receive the maximum guidance and help they need to navigate confidently through life.

Meanwhile, some of the parent volunteers share their fulfilling PAT involvement and experiences.

The Exam Food Ministry is one big PAT project as each night over a 3-week period, a rotating team of parents prepare and serve a full dinner for about 300 students! I was initially apprehensive about having to organise this daunting task and worried about finding enough volunteers and having enough food. However, it was gratifying to feel the huge support from parents who offered help in any way they could. In turn, students appreciated the effort by parents and many expressed their gratitude. Their genuine appreciation made all the effort and hard work worth it. I found this project a very meaningful way to show our love and support for the students.” – Tang Ching Farn

A personal highlight for me was the specific prayer ministry for the J2s during their A-level exams. We placed a prayer request box in the canteen so that students could make anonymous prayer requests at any time, made a 24/7 mobile number available so that they could ACJC Super Parents’ Action Team WhatsApp their prayer requests to us, and projected a very visible presence of parents praying for them before and during every A-level subject paper. I count it as personal blessing and privilege to have been part of this prayer ministry for our kids.” – Anita Fam

My PAT involvement included the Teachers’ Day celebration, Exam Food Ministry (“EFM”) & Fun-O-Rama. I remember how overwhelming my first task with EFM, which was to cook chicken stew for 40-50 people, was. But all the hard work was rewarded as we saw how the food nourished our students! It is most heart-warming to work hand-in-hand with like-minded parents. My heart has been moved and softened by the generous giving, love and support shown by the parents that I’ve met in the last 7.5 years in ACJC. All these have taught me to give and bless others too as the Lord blesses me, and to give of my best to the Master.” – Lo Wei Pin

On 30 August, the annual Teachers’ Day brunch was held for all the college’s staff. The staff feasted on a delectable spread of foods such as kueh pie tee, laksa, roast meats, pies, and hors d’oeuvres, most of which were home-cooked by parents. We also served durian mooncakes, ice-cream and cakes. PAT thanks all parents who helped make this event a successful one; special thanks to Faith Methodist Church for their generosity and support over the years.

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The Super Parents Action Team of ACJC
PAT's Super Parents!
The Super Parents Action Team of ACJC
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The Super Parents Action Team of ACJC
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The Super Parents Action Team of ACJC
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