Oct-Nov 2008


Cheo Chai Hong muses on Sports in ACS

Formation of Informal Presidents Circle

Snake Gang in the Rat's Hole!

"A" Level Class of 68's 40th Anniversary

Wee Li Lin - Going Places with "Gone Shopping"

Spotlight on Teachers
 ◊  Dear Teachers ... we remember you!
"Don't play, play with this teacher. He knows our tricks!"
 ◊ "I discovered that I could connect & engage with young minds"
 ◊ "Teachers affect eternity" sums up her passion and love for teaching
 ◊ "Teaching is not about doing a job, but engaging and influencing our future"
 ◊ "My journey as an art educator has been and will continue to be very rewarding"
 ◊ "His memory is amazing and his patience legendary!"

The Passing of an ACSian Artist: Tow Siang Ling