ACS Class of 1970's 40th Anniversary

Another Memorable Reunion

for the Class of 70!

(from left to right: Thomas Gay, Mrs Lee Gek Kim, Ho Peng Kee, Peter Ho,
James Chia, Anthony Chua, Jimmy Yeo, Paul Khoo & Patrick Cheong

It was yet another memorable reunion for the Class of 70 when they met at the Marriott Hotel on 28 August 2006 for what seems to be almost an annual event!

Gracing the occasion were three former teachers – Mrs. Lee Gek Kim (former Form 4A & English Literature teacher), Mr. Henry Tan (the avid photographer who took many shots of the Barker Road campus and every class he ever taught!), and Mr. Lee Siak Peow. It is amazing that they could still remember the students who made an impression on them one way or the other!

The vintage Class of 70 has produced some notable personalities and leaders in society and the business community. Among them are Mr. Ho Peng Kee (currently the Senior Minister of State (Law & Home Affairs) and also the President of the Football Association of Singapore), Mr. Peter Ho (the current Head of Civil Service), Mr. Paul Khoo Boon Hui (the Police Commissioner and a loyalist who makes it a point to attend all our gatherings when not on official duty), three medical doctors – Dr. Peng Chung Mien, Dr. Lum Choon Fatt and Dr. William Pang, and many others holding senior positions in the banking and financial sectors, civil service and diplomatic corps.

The Class of 70 also produced some outstanding sportsmen, among them Mr. Tang Weng Fei (a distinguished school and National athlete for many years who has now become a very successful oil trader), Mr Tang Ngai Kin(Singapore’s only decathlete) and Mr. Patrick Cheong (a sterling short distance athlete in his time and the driving force behind the cohort’s gatherings).

The ostentatious setting for dinner was preceded by Mr. Tonni Wei (currently residing in London) saying grace. The evening was made even more memorable when our fellow colleagues, Mr. Tan Hup Cheng and Mr. Ho Sum Kwong set-up a slide show of photos taken during school days that showed the less flattering side of us. Granted that many of us have aged, changed shape in some form or fashion, yet we all laughed at the way we looked then. The evening, which turned out to be a memorable one, was punctuated by the incessant flow of jokes and of the antics we used to pull as students.

Everyone present agreed that it was such a fulfilling experience that a group of classmates would continue to maintain their friendships 30 years on. This surely is a lesson of camaraderie and the inimitable ACS Spirit that binds ACSians for those still in school to take cognisance of

Patrick Cheong & Suresh Menon







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