Message from the Chairman of the ACS Board of Governors

Moving Ahead In The New Year

Many Singaporeans were delighted with the recent initiatives by the Ministry of Education as they augur well for the future of our nation.  Though the return of the 5-day week meant a welcomed improvement in working conditions for teachers, it has however raised a number of imple-mentation issues. 

Mr Tan Wah Thong


ACS Board of Governors

For many years, the six-day week provided schools the opportunity for CCAs to be held on Saturdays in addition to other weekdays after normal school hours. Now with the shortened week, the challenge is to seek out a good balance of time and effort to ensure that the quality of co-curricular activities (CCAs) and academic standards are not compromised. The question is: Do we squeeze the CCAs into the new five-day week at the expense of academic time? Or do we lengthen the already long school hours in order to accommodate the CCAs? Or perhaps continue to have limited CCAs on Saturdays as and when the need arises?

These issues need to be addressed and I am confident that given the circumstances, ACS teachers will go that extra mile, and if need be spend a few hours on Saturday to ensure that we uphold the long established holistic approach of the ACS brand of education which emphasizes equally on scholastic excellence and CCAs.

We are proud that the ACS brand of education is unique, and has been proven to be consistently successful over time. In a milieu where a fine sportsman is also a good student and an ordinary student can excel in the performing arts, sports, games, leadership or any other CCAs, it has produced generations of gentlemen and ladies who understand the value of human personality, as much as the need to maintain discipline.  The end product is an ACSian who has been stretched to the limit in a number of disciplines in the academic and CCAs.  These qualities and traditions have made ACS great schools. We must uphold them and move forward to make our schools even greater schools for generations to come.

ACS Honours Three Prominent Old Boys

Much of what ACS is today is attributed to the many loyal old boys who have contributed a great deal to the development of the school. Among them, three stand out: Tan Sri Dr Tan Chin Tuan (Chairman of The Tan Foundation), Dr Lee Seng Gee (Chairman of The Lee Foundation), and Dr Shaw Vee Meng (Chairman of The Shaw Foundation).

In recognition of their invaluable contributions, the ACS Board of Governors has named three ACS Schools Houses after them. With these new Houses, all the six ACS schools will now have eight houses each: Cheong Koon Seng House, Goh Hood Keng House, Lee Seng Gee House, Oldham House, Shaw Vee Meng House, Tan Kah Kee House, Tan Chin Tuan House and Thoburn House.

ACS House Colours ( L to R) : Oldham, Thoburn, Cheong Koon Seng, Shaw Vee Meng, Tan Chin Tuan, Lee Seng Gee,
Tan Kah Kee & Goh Hood Keng

The ACS Houses were first inaugurated in 1929 and were named after distinguished people who had contributed significantly to ACS.  The aims of the House system are to promote and develop clean and keen competition in sports both individually and among the Houses.  Lately the Houses’ competitive activities have been expanded to include Community and Social Service, Debates, Arts and Public Speaking.

Another Significant Milestone in ACS History!

2005 got on to a good start for ACS. With the establishment of ACS (International), which is another significant milestone in ACS history, the ACS family now comprises six schools and a total student population of about 10,000.

When the ambitious idea was first mooted some years back, the challenges anticipated then were rather daunting. However, thanks to our talented development team led by Mrs Goh Chi Lan and Rev. Dr. John Barrett, and the full support of The Methodist Church in Singapore, the Economic Development Board and the Ministry of Education, ACS (International) is now a reality!

When fully operational, ACS (International) will offer a comprehensive 6-year programme comprising 2 levels - the first of 4 years leading to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) whilst the second of 2 years for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).  As with the other ACS schools, students will receive the Anglo-Chinese School brand of education – one that focuses on academic excellence, developing leadership skills and character building. Equally important would be the emphasis on Christian values and teachings.

2005 promises to be an eventful and fruitful one for ACS.  I am looking forward to it and wish everyone in the ACS family God’s blessings, good health and happiness.

Tan Wah Thong


ACS Board of Governors


Mr Tan Wah Thong, Mrs Goh Chi Lan (executive Director), Rev Dr John Barrett (Principal) and Staff of ACS (International) >>

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