Oldham Club’s Thanksgiving Dinner and AGM was held on April 28. It has been ten years since the first chapter, the Rugby Chapter, was formed and today, Oldham Club has 9 chapters.

The evening began with the usual casual and convivial gatherings of kindred spirits. The AGM kicked off at 8.30pm with the Head of Oldham Club, YT Low, reminding everyone of the underlying principles of the Oldham Club, our continuing endeavour to nurture the ONE ACS spirit, our relevance to our 6 ACS schools and to society. The Chapters then presented their annual reports which are summarised below

Oldham Club AGM

Daryl Chung, the new Chapter Head, shared the key learning points for the year: pacing its involvement in tournaments, growing the community in partnership with the Singapore Slingers, meeting at the OCBC Arean on Sundays, and instilling more discipline and structure in the training of the competitive teams.

During the past year, its 3 competitive teams, Men’s, Ladies and Masters (ages 40-49), participated in several tournaments, some affiliated with the Basketball Association of Singapore.

The Chapter registers its gratitude to ACS (Barker Road) as the home of Oldham Basketball, and thanks Hari Vaerhn and Aaron Wilfred for their commitment and leadership in engaging both students and the alumni.

The new Chapter Head. Adam Tan reported that the Chapter has about 80 members who continue to engage the younger ones in the primary schools. It supported ACS (Junior) through its coach transition. Training is held at ACS (Independent) on Wednesday nights and ACS (International) on Saturday afternoons, and about 30–50 players turn up for each session.

The Tennis Chapter competes in A, B, and C grade Singapore Tennis Association (STA) competitions. Chapter Head, Paul Lee shared that the B team won the chapter’s first championship last year at the inter-club Doubles League. The A team were in the finals for the Doubles League, and this year they are runners up in the Singles League. The Chapter will continue competing across different levels and will try to field more current ACS school team players in the interclub competition together with Oldham. It will focus on securing home courts and develop a newly structured mentorship programme, where a pilot mentor group will mentor students and junior members.

Mark Tan, the Vice Head of the Chapter, shared that the Choir Chapter had an eventful 2018. The highlight was the performance of a commissioned work, “The Isaiah Carol” by the world-renowned composer Kim Andre Arnesen at the ACJC Alumni Choir’s Advent Concert, which was made possible with the generous support of Mr Wan Fook Weng. The choir will be commissioning more world class composers to write for us in the years ahead. Following the Annual “An Evening with Friends” concert presented with the ACJC Choir, the Alumni Choir will embark on a tour to Germany and Italy in June and participate in the 22nd Alta Pusteria International Choir Festival.

Chapter Head (Men) Azman Haron is looking forward to ACS (Barker Road), which now has a joint programme with Queensway Secondary, starting Hockey CCA. The Chapter is also making efforts to reach out to the community and has linked up with the Muhammadiyah Welfare Home to bring some of their children to Universal Studios Singapore.

Chapter Head (Women), Christabel Chan reported that the women’s senior hockey team has grown to 35 adult players. After tapping into the Rugby Chapter’s movie fundraiser last year, the ACJC girls hockey team played under the Oldham umbrella in the National Junior League for the first time to gain more exposure and prepare themselves for the A Division tournament. The senior team aims to be placed in the top 2 in this year’s National Women’s League.

The Rugby Chapter participates in the Under 19 and Under 17 competitions; it also has kids from underprivileged backgrounds participating. According to Chapter Head, Melvin Deng, we must all continue to pray for wisdom to raise up the next generation, even as the sport is demanding and challenging.

Scouts is a new chapter, headed by Chong Zhi Cheng. With Oldham’s vision for community service aligning with the core values of Oldham Scouting, Zhi Cheng looks forward to the Chapter contributing to the achievements of excellence by the boys and making a meaningful impact to the schools.

Chapter Head, Marcus Chan reported that over the past years, the Chapter has been consistent in fielding two men’s and one women’s team in the National Squash League. A good number of players come from ACS (Independent) and MGS. There are 30-40 members playing in the league this year and the Chapter continues to work on its challenges in providing even better training and competition venues.

Water Polo
Earlier in the year, Oldham Water Polo came in 2nd in the national competition. According to Chapter Head, Leonard Yeo, the Chapter will continue to support ACS schools and it aims to set up a developmental squad for the ACS schools to align with Singapore Water Polo Association’s new rules for competition. Schools are coming up with strong water polo teams as they get players from feeder clubs. In the past, ACS used to get the swimmers and players, but the situation has changed.

Other Matters
On suggestions of an endowment or fund for Chapters to tap on, YT Low reminded all that each Chapter is responsible for their own fund-raising.

Dr Nicholas Foo shared about the background and inspiration for the formation of the Oldham Athletics Chapter, with one of the first activities being a Park Run, where all are invited to join.

YT Low called for the Chapters to stick to the charter and be neutral as there is no need for Oldham to take a formal position in the OBA. Lim Tat, President of the ACS OBA agreed that the OBA is also about service and all of us in Oldham and OBA fulfil a distinct purpose in serving the school.

In closing, Richard Seow, Chairman of the ACS BOG, expressed amazement at how far Oldham Club has come, and its relevance to the community. He cited Bishop Oldham’s reply when asked on the occasion of his 75th birthday why he set up ACS. The answer was: I did it for God and did it for humanity.

Richard reminded us not to work for ourselves, but for posterity: The giants who built what we have are no longer here. Oldham Club has given the OBA a new relevance and is an extension of ONE ACS. In the face of changing social dynamics and policies, Oldham does provide also for different ways of giving back to the school.  

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