Class of 69/71's Golden Anniversary

51 members from the ACS Class of 69/71 cohort gathered at ToriYard in Bishan Park on May 23 to celebrate 50 years after completing their ‘O’ Levels. Gracing the occasion were their former teachers, Mr Wan Fook Weng, Mrs Tham Yeng Fai and Ms Pauline Chiang.

The evening kicked off with prayer to give thanks for the beloved teachers who nurtured us, and for present and future teachers to groom future generations of ACSians. Thereafter, it was a great time of fellowship as old friends caught up with each other over a Class of 69/71’s 50th Anniversary sumptuous yakitori buffet. From the animated sharing of ailments and health supplements to exchanging photos of grandchildren, it was evident that all present enjoyed themselves. It was indeed an evening not to be missed for all, especially for Peter Tan Soo Guan who flew in all the way from the USA for the dinner and returned home the next day!

ACS CrestAs always when ACSians gather, the night ended with group photo-taking and the singing of the ACS anthem with gusto.

Jeffrey Yang  

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