Parent Volunteers - Our Schools' Most Faithful Partners

ACS (Primary)

In Appreciation of Our Parent Volunteers

Parents have always answered the call of duty in supporting school efforts. Over the years our partnerships with parent volunteers are aimed at developing young gentlemen in the Affective, Cognitive, Social and Physical domains and in the Traits of an ACSian.

Affective • The iHOPEFUL values hold the key to character development. Parents share on values during Pastoral Care lessons and Tuesday devotions during assembly. Parent volunteers play an active role in encouraging our boys to be Community Collaborators.

Cognitive • Besides teachers, parent volunteers actively take part in programmes like the Mother Tongue and English Language Fortnight, Reading Warriors, and in Learning Support. P1 teachers are most appreciative of parents serving as Teacher Aides in ensuring a smooth transition for boys just starting school.

Social • Our parent volunteers have actively provided support to our teachers in activities such as the P1 Orientation, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and in learning journeys each year.

Physical • In the Physical domain, parents volunteer in CCAs like Rugby and Football during weekends. They also organise annual Father-and-Son Camps and Parent-Son Adventure Camps in June, giving our boys a chance to meet more friends for a rewarding time outside of school.

Volunteer time is sacrificial and always precious as we partner with parents in growing our young gentlemen in the Traits of an ACSian (TACS), to prepare them for the future.

ACS (Primary) - Parent Volunteers

What made you take up the call to be the Chairman of PSG? It was a call to service. As I watched how the school was growing and developing, I saw the need to mobilise the full resources of the school, which not only includes the administrative and teaching body, but also the parent body, in order for ACS(Primary) to extend its leadership in education. By doing so, we are hoping we can work in close alignment and partnership with each other to achieve this goal. Our boys spend just six years in ACS (Primary) and it is important that we do all we can to ensure that they get the best out of the experience.

Looking back, could you share with us some memorable moments? There are just too many because the PSG is active every single school day. There is no single moment that makes our service memorable. I believe it is the cumulative small acts that the PSG does each day for our boys, like supporting the learning support group, or conducting the Reading Warriors Programme, or giving those library displays a makeover or the long hours spent by the events sub-committee in making an event special. It is not about the culmination of our value-add or our activities in one peak event. It is the tireless work that so many parent volunteers put in each day to advance the school. It is this dedication and commitment of parent volunteers that make us effective stewards of this great institution. The window of opportunity to serve at ACS (Primary) as parents is limited. Each day is a day that counts towards building the character of our boys and strengthening the fabric of our school.

Any advice to anyone who wants to serve the school as a parent volunteer? There are many opportunities to serve and contribute to the school. There is something that will suit everyone – you may have creative skills, you may have the heart to teach, or you might enjoy administrative work. We welcome everyone – all you need is a heart of service; that is the core and we each should choose to step forward to help where we can to enhance the ACS (Primary) experience for our boys. It is not that the school is not doing an excellent job; ACS (Primary) has been rated top notch in many areas. I think it is about examining the resources that the school has and realising that if we can add firepower to the overall effort in education, perhaps we can then turn a good endeavour into a “great” endeavour! The Best Is Yet To Be! 

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