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ACS (Junior)

Our Partnership with Parents

It takes a village to raise a child.” This oft quoted African Proverb emphasises the importance of the collaborative efforts of the community in nurturing and bringing up our young ones. In ACS (Junior), we are very blessed to have the support of parents who step forward to serve and work alongside with the school in the various educational programmes for the boys.

The Rugby PSG is very much a part of our school’s rugby culture. Other than boosting the boys’ morale with their zealous cheers at the matches, they also role model for the boys what it means to be a gracious and respectful competitor. Their assistance come in many forms, be it leading in team-bonding activities, hydration for the team or capturing priceless moments on their cameras. Some even stepped forward to offer their coaching expertise.

As a Rugby parent volunteer, Lawrence Quahe, shared, “Each parent supports in a manner that suits his/her ability. I have experienced how a diverse group of parents play a role in the success of the team. The time, energy and camaraderie that developed must surely have contributed in some way towards the team chemistry that the boys share.”

Our Creative THINKERS ALP Programme for P1 and P2 also has a team of enthusiastic parent volunteers who assist the class teachers weekly to facilitate the game sessions in the classrooms. Sheree Lau, a new volunteer, feels that the experience has given her a better insight into how and why things are done at school. “To see such dedication and passion in the teachers is both humbling and inspiring. I understand and appreciate their efforts better.”

Another parent volunteer, Andrea Friedman, enjoys assisting in the Thinkers Programme as she could observe how the children interact with each other at this formative age. She feels happy to be able to serve and support the community in which the boys are growing. Parent volunteers like Sheree and Andrea help the boys in learning and developing 21st Century skills through the games that are played in groups.

Over at our school library, we have a team of dedicated parent volunteers who assist with the day to day mundane tasks of running the library. They also play an important part in the planning and conducting of library activities during recess as well as the Read-Up programme that encourages our boys to read more books.

Some of our parent volunteers serve in more than one area. Some are also Prayer Parents (who meet faithfully every Wednesday and the last Saturday of each month), Canteen Shepherds (at P1 Orientation Week) and volunteers for activities happening on Childrens’ Day and International Friendship Day. Through their interactions they have become good friends, sharing information on parenting tips, encouraging one another through interaction and prayers.

Craig San, an old boy of ACS (Junior) and now a parent, says, “I honestly cannot remember an occasion when I did not enjoy myself as a parent volunteer. It is such a joy to see the boys having fun with the games and challenging themselves. It is very heart-warming and encouraging to watch the boys grow up over the years. The younger ones grow in confidence and the older ones become more eloquent and considerate. As an old boy, it is a gratifying experience to be back in ACS. It brings back fond memories of when I was a young ACS boy. The present boys are very blessed. I feel a sense of pride when I see a new generation of ACS boys being raised up in the School’s spirit of leadership and service. For me, it has come one full circle, doing my part for the school that has given me so much when I was a student.”

At ACS (Junior), we are indeed privileged to have the partnership and support of all parents who contribute in one way or another to make our programmes and activities for the boys enjoyable and meaningful. Most importantly they walk closely with us in nurturing our boys to be young gentlemen of character.

Mrs Lilian Lai

ACS (Junior) - Our Partnership with Parents
Rugby Parent Support Group
ACS (Junior) - Our Partnership with Parents
Parent & son game
ACS (Junior) - Our Partnership with Parents 
Thinkers Games Volunteers 
  ACS (Junior) - Our Partnership with Parents
A parent volunteer explaining the activity 
ACS (Junior) - Our Partnership with Parents
Explaining the rules to a group 
ACS (Junior) - Our Partnership with Parents
A language activity in the foyer 
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