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The Befrienders of ACS Oldham Hall

ACS Oldham Hall has a Befriender Programme in partnership with Barker Road Methodist Church which reaches out to help new international student boarders to settle down faster with the help of a local Singapore Befriender family. In existence since 2004, the programme also aims to let the boarders experience the hospitality and the care of our Christian community, as well as the local Singaporean culture.

Currently, the befrienders are categorised under two groups – Hospitality Befrienders engage the boarders through a family outreach setting; Interest Befrienders share their talent and skill and engage the boarders in their hobbies such as cooking or sports. Here are some of the thoughts and photographs of the befrienders and boarders about the programme:

Befrienders of ACS Oldham Hall
Evelyn Sim (top right) & family with boarders
Stephanie & Kelly (from bottom left)

It was a joy for my family to get to know Kelly and Stephanie. We managed to spend some time trying out local food, going to the movies, enjoying board games and other activities through the short period of time we got to know each other. Our favorite discussion topic is the similarities and differences in the cooking style and food between Medan and Singapore.”  – Evelyn Sim (Hospitality Befriender)

Befrienders of ACS Oldham Hall
Befrienders Kam Hong & Lai Fun with boarders
Cindy & Yvonne (from left to right)

My journey in Singapore has never been an easy one as I often miss my family back home. However, I am very thankful to God for Aunty Lai Fun and Uncle Kam Hong who treat me like their own daughter. They've always made the extra effort to spend time with Yvonne and I, and would take us out for hearty meals during weekends, help us do our groceries shopping and even bake goods like brownies (my favorite!) for our snack time. I may feel homesick at times, but having people who I can call as a family away from home really makes me feel so much better. I hope that other boarders would also have the chance to be partnered with befrienders like mine.” – Cindy Clara (Boarder)

Befrienders of ACS Oldham Hall
Karen & family (left) with boarders Brenna, Stella and Edwyna (right)

It’s a blessing to have an opportunity to pay it forward. When we were overseas as young students in different countries, we both benefitted from the care and friendship of older couples. Getting to know these Indonesian girls has been enriching or our children. Extending a hand of friendship to them is the least we can do.” – Karen Wong and Wen Tai (Hospitality Befrienders)

Befrienders of ACS Oldham Hall
Above: Boarders (left) with Wen Tai & family (right)
Below: Boarders participating in Christmas Cooking Outreach
Befrienders of ACS Oldham Hall Befrienders of ACS Oldham Hall
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