The ACS Class of 78's CPF Party

ACS Class of 78 - CPF Party

On 7 July 2017, 109 old boys from the class of 1978 gathered at the Hotel Jen Tanglin for a reunion. The class reunion was aptly coined “CPF party” as we all turn 55 this year, 39 years after we left ACS Barker Road.

Our guests of honour were retired teachers Mrs Ho Chee Sin, Mrs Kee Nai Chip, Mrs Lee Gek Kim, Mrs Lee Tzu Hong, Mrs Dorothy Lim, Mrs Margaret Ng, Mrs Ira Suppiah, Mr Bau Sek Hoe, Mr Sachidanandan, and Mr Tjia Wei Hing.

For some, it was rekindling of friendship forged during our teens, recalling nicknames and reminiscing the good times over a sumptuous seafood buffet spread and accompanying spirits.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation the ACS Grand Endeavour Calibre 1886 watches to our former teachers, in appreciation of their service and dedication to the school.

The Calibre 1886 ACS watch is the third model from a project started in 2014 by our cohort to raise funds for the ACS 78 Bursaries. Some 99 ACS students from JS to JC with financial needs have been helped through the various ACS campuses in the past 9 years through our bursaries.

To God be all the glory! (Fewer than a dozen Calibre 1886 ACS watches are still available if you are led to contribute to our bursaries.)

The happy gathering ended with the quintessential school anthem, sung with much gusto and vigour. The late Mr Ernest Lau would have been proud of us!

Next year is our cohort’s 40th anniversary....more to follow after this break.

The Best Is Yet To Be.

Lim King and Ian Cheah

CPF Party
CPF Party
CPF Party
CPF Party
  Presentation of Calibre 1886 ACS Watches To Our Teachers
CPF Party  CPF Party  CPF Party 
Mrs Ira Suppiah Mr Tjia Wei Hing Mr Sachidanandan
CPF Party  CPF Party  CPF Party 
Mr Bau Sek Hoe Mrs Margaret Ng Mrs Dorothy Lim
CPF Party
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