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It was with deep sadness that the ACS family learned of the passing of Dr Lee Seng Gee on 10 May 2016 at the age of 95. On behalf of the ACS family, the ACS Board of Governors, ACS (International) and ACS (Independent) Boards of Management, the ACS Old Boys’ Association and the ACS Foundation, ACS pays tribute to Dr Lee as a loyal Old Boy, gentleman, benefactor, pioneer and pillar of ACS.

In Memoriam - Mr Lee Seng Gee
Every ACSian who stands here today knows of Lee Seng Gee, after whom one of our school houses is named. But few of us know just how much of an impact he and his family made on ACS.

Dr Lee was a student at ACS in the 1920s and 30s and the eldest son of the late Mr Lee Kong Chian, a successful businessman, but whose most lasting legacy is arguably as a philanthropist. Dr Lee was synonymous with the Lee Foundation which he was made Chairman in 1967. Founded in 1952, the Lee Foundation is the largest private charitable foundation in Singapore.

The Lee family has been one of the ACS family’s biggest and strongest benefactors, for which ACS must always be grateful. Generations of ACS students have been blessed, and continue to be blessed, by the Lee family’s generosity. The Lee Kuo Chuan Auditorium on the Barker Road site in the 1950s was the first major gift to the ACS family. The second was the Lee Kong Chian block, which generations of ACS boys of a certain ‘vintage’ remember simply as “The Lee Block”. Over the years, Dr Lee and the Lee Foundation continued to actively support our ACS schools.

As the Chairman of Lee Rubber and the Lee Group of Companies, he was well known for being a discerning and insightful leader. A man who could be firm with his decisions but also humble in spirit, he is described Dr Lee Seng Gee 1921-2016 as “An extraordinary entrepreneur, community leader and philanthropist who made unparalleled c o n t r i b u t i o n s t o Singapore”. And yet, he lived simply and said of himself “Among the values I treasure, hard work is clearly one of them”. The largess of Dr Lee perseveres through LSG in our ACS House system which is the foundation of a distinctive tradition that we know and feel as the ‘ACS Spirit’.

As ONE ACS, we held a family-wide tribute to the late Dr Lee on 11 May during which our ACS schools delivered the same devotion of remembrance followed by a minute of silence. In the devotion, 3 core messages summarised the indelible mark that Dr Lee leaves behind for the young men and women of the ACS family.

   L - Learning. To learn without ceasing. The Lee Foundation has donated over S$1 billion to various causes since its inception, 75% of which have been to education. Dr Lee believed that learning has the power to make society more equal for everyone.

   S - Service. To be open-hearted and serve God country, family and society. Guided by his unwavering belief that it’s the duty of the more privileged to help the less fortunate, Dr Lee continued to give back society.

   G - Generosity. To be unselfish with our own blessings. We too, can do this in our own school by small acts of kindness and consideration towards our teachers and schoolmates.

The theme verse from Galatians 5:13 that the ACS family chose for our 130th anniversary says: “Serve one another humbly in love”. The late Dr Lee Seng Gee embodied this verse by his life-long service to Singapore and to ACS.

In the afternoon of 11 May, the Chairman of the ACS Board of Governors, Mr Richard Seow, led an ACS contingent consisting principals and representatives from our 6 ACS units in Singapore and members of the ACS Board of Governors, the ACS Old Boys’ Association and the ACS Foundation to pay our last respects to Dr Lee. Upon his family’s request, the ACS Anthem was sung as a final tribute to a man who always held a special place in his heart for ACS.

We as ACSians know that we have been blessed with a unique education rich with history and tradition. Our benefactors like Dr Lee, ACS alumni and supporters have rallied around us in our times of need. So even as we look back at the contributions of giants before us, we must also look forward to ensure that the ACS culture of sharing our blessings with the future generations endures.

Only then, can ACS be assured that ‘The Best Is Yet To Be’.

The Anglo-Chinese Schools Foundation

The ACS Family pays tribute to Dr Lee Seng Gee

Lee Seng Gee Tribute
The ACS family pays tribute to Dr Lee Seng Gee

Lee Seng Gee Tribute
Lee Seng Gee Tribute
Lee Seng Gee Tribute
Lee Seng Gee Tribute
Lee Seng Gee Tribute
Lee Seng Gee Tribute
Lee Seng Gee Tribute
Lee Seng Gee Tribute
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