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At the recent strategic planning workshop (click here), one of the five key strategies identified to move ACS forward is to harness and leverage on the rich pool of talents and resources within the ACS family of schools and the OBA. We can achieve this by mutually recognizing, developing, enhancing and sharing unique capabilities & niche areas.

In conjunction with the schools the following areas have been identified where you, as old boys and girls, can provide support:

Job Attachments

ACJC, ACS (Independent) and ACS (Barker Road) are looking for job attachment opportunities for their students to gain an insight to the working world. These school vacation attachments, which can be from as short as 1 to 2 weeks to 3 to 4 weeks, are great opportunities for students to apply classroom knowledge to jobs.

The areas of interest include the legal, banking, financial, accountancy and business consultancy services; the hospitality and tourism industries;architectural design and estate management; advertising & graphic arts; manufacturing, high-tech and IT-related industries. The arts scene such as the running of operations in performances and venues like the Esplanade, and the medical field such as clinics and hospitals are also areas where our students can benefit from attachments.

Contact us if you can help in any way.

Creation of Scholarships

Our hope is to increase the number and value of our OBA scholarships to encourage and support students, who are in need, or to enhance or facilitate their academic and/or sports pursuits. We welcome interested individuals or pooled contributions either on a one-off basis, or annually over a specified period, or sponsorship of named scholarships.

Career Counselling and Motivational Talks

We want you to share your experiences of career options. Help our students decide on the right career choices. Remember that you were their age once and probably needed the same sort of help. So please come forward and register your assistance.


ACJC is looking for “Guardians” for our foreign scholars. Foreign scholars do not require a Singapore guardian for their student pass as MOE represents them. However they need a Singaporean to apply for their student pass in the event that they do not perform well enough and lose their scholarships. There is no financial commitment of any kind by the “guardian”.

Support in Sports & CCAs

Keep the school flag flying! Help the schools maintain their excellent achievements by offering your services to coach, to encourage and support our students in the different Sports and various CCAs.


We need your combined support to raise funds for the schools. With the development of a new infrastructure of the ACS (Independent) IB program, the redevelopment of ACS (Junior) and extension plans for ACJC, fund raising will come to the fore again. We welcome all and any financial assistance you may wish to make directly to the schools.

The ACS OBA also welcomes specific donations to our welfare fund (either by name or non-specific to the general pool). We have received financial assistance requests for our retired schoolteachers and staff and we want to be able to provide some assistance whenever we can. The ACS OBA committee also welcomes any ideas and suggestions that will contribute to the betterment of our students.

We hope old boys and old girls will come forward to give a little back to the alma mater, and play a part in developing our future leaders and model citizens of the world.

We know we can count on you and look forward to hearing from you.

For more information, please contact:

Dr Teoh Tiong Ann : teohsurg@singnet.com.sg

Mrs Mildred Tan : mildred.tan@sg.ey.com

Or the Secretariat at 62597860


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