ACS (International)

  ACS (International)

     Steps Up Recruitment Drive

Although the opening of ACS (International) is still some five months away, efforts are being stepped up to woo students from around the region. Apart from publicity through a prospectus, a website and other visual aids, a team comprising Mrs Goh Chi Lan, ACS (International)ís Executive Director, and Mr Wong Chee Khiam, Master of ACS Oldham Hall, made an official visit to Hong Kong from 29 June Ė 01 July 2004.

The objectives of the 3-day visit were to establish institutional linkage with the Singapore International School in Hong Kong (SIS HK), and to touch base with officers from the Singapore Tourist Boardís office in Hong Kong (STB HK). The team had fruitful discussions with the STB HK officers.

In addition, views on the Hong Kong publicís response to study in Singapore were exchanged and this provided us with a better understanding of the potential of the Hong Kong market. Copies of the ACS (International) prospectus were also given to STB HK for distribution.

On 30 June 2004, the team visited the SIS HK, a primary school set up by the Singapore Government to cater initially for the Singapore community working in Hong Kong. It now has an international student population of close to 800 students.

The team met the Heads of Department and explained the rationale of starting the Singapore brand of international school, in particular one that focuses on developing future leaders with an international vision, moral character, intellectual ability and deep compassion for humanity based upon Christian belief and values. Among the SIS HK heads was Miss Ng Ai-Leen, Head of Department Science, who was once a student of Mrs Goh.

After a corporate video cum presentation of ACS (International) and ACS Oldham Hall to about 40 parents, it was encouraging that many questions were asked in the Q & A session; this reflected the strong parental interest in ACS (International).

Overall, this initial visit to Hong Kong was a successful one as it had generated much interest in ACS (International). It is envisaged that the link established between SIS HK and ACS (International) in Singapore will grow stronger, and we are hopeful to receive some returning students from SIS HK to join ACS (International).

Mr Wong Chee Khiam Master ACS Oldham
Hall, Mrs Sally Thio Principal Singapore International School, Mrs Goh Chi Lan ExecutiveDirector ACS (International)

Mrs Goh Chi Lan of ACS (International)
speaking to parents of SIS HK

Mrs Goh Chi Lan with ex-pupil of hers Miss Ng

Ai-Leen (Head of Department Science SIS)


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