ACSS 1986 Reunion

I had always thought AGMs to be mundane events but after participating in this year’s ACSOBA AGM for the first time, I have changed my mind. It was far from boring as lively exchanges were traded between the groups vying for positions on the board. At the end of the day, sane minds prevailed  and the bonds of ACSians remained very much intact.

I was glad that I attended the AGM as it rekindled the ACS spirit in me. It brought back fond memories and I wondered how and what some of my schoolmates were up to, apart from the usual crowd of fellow ACSians I still hang out with.

As it would be soon be 20 years since I left Secondary Four in 1986, I decided that it was time to reconnect with the alma mater. To start the ball rolling, I communicated with a few schoolmates by email, suggesting that we organise a reunion. The response was most encouraging and within three weeks, we had build up a network of 140!

So on 28 May, a total of 65 old schoolmates gathered the Café Daily Bread in Barker Road for the reunion. Chan Vee Bun, who is one of our cohorts and the current Discipline Master at ACS (Barker Road), gave everyone a tour of the impressive new campus.

Before dinner, we sat down to a presentation that I had prepared and walked down memory lane with clips from the Centenary Year Book. There was much discussion about the aging consequences and the whereabouts of some of our “favorite’ teachers.

It was a successful evening, which ended with the singing of the school anthem. We now look forward to our next reunion in 2005 when we hope to double the number of participants to 120, and possibly to 170 when we meet to celebrate our 20th Anniversary in 2006.

To all Centenary ACSians out there who would like to meet up or join us in our coming celebrations, please drop me a line at so that I can update our data bank.

Cheers. The Best Is Yet To Be!

Ong Jin Yu


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