Forty Years On ....

... and what an evening to remember!

The Class of ’64 celebrated its 40th Anniversary in grand style on Friday 02 July 2004. Marking the joyous occasion was the launch of “40 Years On – Memoirs of a Schoolmaster”, which was written by our dear English Language teacher, Mr. Earnest Lau.

With the number 4 being featured so prominently in the celebrations, it was inevitable that it was the theme for the evening. Fittingly, the event was held at the FOUR Seasons Hotel, which is owned by a fellow ACSian. All in all, 84 of us including past principals, teachers and the fairer sex from the 1966 A-Level classes, gathered from all four corners of the world to dine on a sumptuous dinner, complete with wine and super premium Haagen-Dazs ice cream!

Interaction was at an all time high during pre-dinner cocktails as old classmates caught up with each other in the ballroom foyer. The display of old photographs of the 1964 classes and teachers brought back floods of memories of what they were like in their work and their play forty years ago.

Prior to dinner, Wong Hong Sze related fond recollections of Mr Earnest Lau, who later shared with us his experiences in ACS as a student, teacher and headmaster. Tan Yew How then presented Mr Lau with the first hardcover limited edition copy of “Forty Years On – Memoirs of a School Master”; autographed copies were also presented to sponsors and guests.

In between courses, we were ‘ entertained’ by Tan Lim Heng ( who flew in from Hong Kong), Tan Chai Thiam ( from Perth), David Woo ( from Brisbane), Kelvin Lim ( from Toronto), Steven Cheng (from Vancouver), Ma Kah Eng and Chelva Rajah, when they relived their boyhood days in ACS – the school that gave them a second chance and instilled values that made a difference in their lives.

The highlight of the evening was perhaps the singing of the ACS anthem and Forty Years On, which were sung with gusto with Danny Koh accompanying on the baby grand piano.

After the last two lines of the latter were sung:

Fights for the fearless, and goals for the eager

Twenty, and thirty, and forty years on”

the celebrations came to a close with toasts to the guests and the school, and a group photograph taken with Minister for Transport, Mr. Yeo Cheow Tong.

The reunion was no doubt the Class of 64’s best ever. It was also the most expensive with everyone contributing a minimum of $75 for the dinner! Others also sponsored generously the souvenirs, music, wines, gifts and the cost of the book to make the evening such a resounding success.

We certainly look forward to our next reunion, which promises to be even better, as The Best Is Yet To Be!

By Chen Wei Ching, Mah Kah Eng & Tan Yew How

Photographs by Tan Tien Hin


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